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Sept. 11: Patient Safety and Better Together

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Some thoughts of my week...

Better Together

I’m so impressed by the commitment of our teams who are leading the Better Together campaign. Every Tuesday and Thursday we have a dedicated team volunteering their time to sell baskets of goodies to raise money for Better Together. These funds go to our hospital to support programs like music therapy and also support our community. Our goal is 31 percent participation and we are around 9 percent. Banner Desert is already at 13 percent. Please take a few minutes to visit this link. If we don’t outperform Desert, I'll have to go find time to wash their CEO’s car  (not something I want to do!)

Thank you all for your amazing contributions to Banner Good Samaritan...

Patient Safety

Did you know that every month, a group of your colleagues huddle together and are focused on one simple task: How to reduce patient harm at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. Co-Chaired by Cassie Caddell and Dr. Stander — and a multidisciplinary group of your colleagues, this group spends up to three hours a month reviewing events that may have harmed a patient and develop structures, strategies and systems to implement highly reliable processes to prevent the next error.

I was so impressed at the Patient Safety Steering Committee meeting this month. They clearly have a focus on creating a culture where we want to engage everybody, including patients and families, and are committed to improving processes so we can prevent falls, pressure clcers, catheter associated UTIs, central line infections, medication errors and communication failures. This is our No. 1 priority.   

Your vision of Good Sam’s safety culture should be one where we all mourn when our processes fail when we harm a patient, when we know exactly when the last central line infection or pressure ulcer was and what the root causes were, when we are comfortable to remind each other when we see a gap in our processes (i.e. hand washing). I am so confident that with these structures in place we will implement strategies that will help create this culture of Patient Safety at Banner Good Samaritan.

If you’d like to be part of a team that helps reduce harm at Good Sam… please contact Dr. Paul Stander, Cassie Cadell or Anita Hancock.

Thank you all for your contributions ...

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.



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