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Sept. 16: Nursing Research

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As we continue our journey to position Banner Good Sam a leading Teaching Hospital in a National Recognized Academic Medical Center, we want to continue to tell our story of a culture focused on inquiry and scholarly activity. Lesly Kelly, our RN Clinical Research Program Director, shares below her words on the 6th Annual Nursing Research Festival ...

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

6th Annual Nursing Research Festival

By Lesly Kelly, RN, Clinical Research Program Director

I just want to send out a HUGE congratulations to our seven teams who presented poster and podium presentations this last Friday at the 6th Annual Nursing Research Festival. Banner Good Sam’s presentations demonstrated our expertise and experience in conducting evidence-based practice projects, not only within Banner system but also with all Phoenix hospitals.


  • Care Innovation and Transformation Initiative,
    Ann Bullers
  • The Utilization of Chorohexadine Gluconate in the Bathing Practice of ICU Patients, Chris Tran, Casey Thompson, Rayna Sloan


  • Patient’s Perception of Noise/Disturbance in Kidney Center, Fatimah Abdullah; Karen Rettke
  • “WE Wii” An Exercise Program to Decrease Fatigue of Cancer Patients with Leukemia, Kashmir Horton; Megan Baker; Isaura Estrada-Tesfai; Alison Buchanan; Ikuko Komo; Chris Tussey
  • Changing Practice for Peripheral IV Sites from Every 72 Hours to as Clinically Indicated, Karni Olsen, Ronda Coultrap, Alma Martinez, Melinda Marra, Teresa Sharkey, Chris Tussey, Ann Earhart
  • Evaluation of Power Injectable Three Catheter: Does it really last 29 days? Kristin Hendrickson, Ann Earhart
  •  Sugar Babies: High Risk OB Diabetes Resources Team to the Rescue! Amy Hill; Mary Sciuto Chris Tussey; Jennifer Coffey; Lottie Bills; Xian Huang; Mary Reeser

As if that’s not enough, two of the four awards given to poster presentations went to Good Sam posters (and I swear I had nothing to do with it!). The Patient’s Perception of Noise received Best EBP Poster and the Sugar Babies team was awarded Best Overall Poster. Congratulations!

Finally, a huge thank you to the mentors of these projects – Ann, Debbie, Amy, Chris and Jackie – for stepping up to the challenge of having new/novice presenters lead these presentations. You guys are amazing!



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