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April 26: Supply Chain and ICU

Supply Chain and ICU  

My first day on the “job.” It was a great day because I wasn’t going to be in any meetings. I had the entire day to wander and explore Banner Good Sam. I was looking for stories about how each of you contributes to the Possibility of Improvement, from patient experience and clinical quality to patient safety and operational processes.

Banner Good Sam must be and will be an expert in the Science of Improvement. The ability to take any gap in process or outcome, and apply evidence-based performance improvements to demonstrate statistical improvement is a critical success factor for any hospital.

I quickly found many stories of improvement at Banner Good Sam. It started with meeting with our friends Noah and Dave from Supply Chain.

A few minutes with them, and it was clear how they are contributing to the Possibilities of Improvement at Banner Good Sam. They quickly took me to a supply closet in one of our ICU floors and demonstrated the inefficiencies of our system. Specifically, how we assign supplies to each unit.

Because there is no "just in time” philosophy regarding how supplies are stocked in each unit, the end result is supplies are stocked without any alignment with what the unit really needs at the time. That leads to waste at every level. David, Noah and their teams have decided to apply “lean” methodology and create a new system where the right supplies are placed in the right unit at the right time.

I was impressed that this team had decided on their own to look for opportunities to create value and design a new, more efficient, effective and timely process. By the way, I also learned that if we create a system where each unit only receives the supplies they need at that time, this could lead to savings of up to $17,000 per supply room. High value indeed! It’s amazing the possibilities of improvement around us.

I then had the opportunity to tour some of our ICUs and floors that care for our patients with problems involving the brain and nervous system.

I met a family in the elevator who was here to visit their mother, a 78-year-old woman from Prescott. A few days ago, she woke up with an inability to speak and complete loss of feeling and strength on her right side. She was taken to a nearby Emergency Department for care. They immediately asked the Emergency Department to transfer them to the only hospital they trusted in Arizona – Banner Good Samaritan – to be cared for by the highly trained and experienced team of stroke specialists.

I asked them "Why Banner Sam?" What was so special about 12th Street and McDowell? The answer was simple. They said, “It’s all the teachers and learners around us all the time. These doctors must be great because they have all these students who follow them everywhere, and guess who they are talking about? My Mom!”

I smiled. Indeed this is a Place of Possibilities. Families traveling hundreds of miles for “different” care ... care that integrates teaching and scholarly activity at the bedside ... care they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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