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April 29: Vision Awards

Steve Narang  

I learned more today about our two Vision awards that Banner Good Sam received earlier this month at the annual Banner’s Best Awards presentation. This truly represents the incredible culture that exists here – a focus on continual improvement.

One of the winners was our Women and Infants Services department, led by WIS Clinical Nurse Specialist Chris Tussey. With her leadership, along with Dr. Shah, a pediatric cardiologist, a pulse-oximetry screening program was implemented for newborns at Banner Good Sam.

We were able to recognize eight newborns with mild to moderate congenital heart defects and one with critical congenital heart defect. The newborns were tested with an inexpensive (75 cents), non-invasive pulse oximetry screening method. Had these newborns not received this screening, potential undetected adverse outcomes would have been realized.

Considering undetected CHD is the leading cause of infant death in the U.S., we are now able to screen these newborns and intervene early. Following the successes that we realized, this project has now gone to other Banner facilities and will be rolled out systemwide.

There is a policy in the works as well. As a system, Banner can make a huge impact in the lives of its smallest patients; our newborns. We are saving the lives of newborns and giving them a chance at a full life, dreams and opportunities.

This is the kind of improvement that Banner Good Sam needs to lead and disseminate throughout the health system. It should start here, at the Place of Possibilities

Dr. Lori Porter, Dr. Maynard and their team also won a Vision Award with an incredible project focused on reducing total Venous Thromboembolism events at Banner Good Sam with a relative risk reduction of 60 percent over the past 40 months.

Venous Thromboembolism Events

Using standard process improvement methodology, their team reduced clinical variation leading to clearly improved patient outcomes. This work has gotten national attention as well.    

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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