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June 13: Social Workers

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Today, I was rounding on the sixth floor and had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful colleagues, Ruth and Kiesha, who are social workers at Banner Good Samaritan. 

Ruth has been at Banner Good Sam since 2000 and Kiesha just joined three months ago. What a dynamic duo! Such energy and passion about contributing to the possibilities at Banner Good Samaritan. They both live in the East Valley, but like so many others at Banner Good Sam, have chosen to travel past “closer” hospitals to contribute to this special place.

Ruth mentioned to me that no other hospital has the complexity of patients that keeps her job stimulating. She, of course, noted that the population we serve at Banner Good Samaritan has become even more complex and with even less resources available to stay healthy...

Ruth and Kiesha

Kiesha just joined us three months ago after working in a homeless shelter. She clearly brings the kind of experience, passion and empathy that defines a great social worker. She mentioned that Banner Good Samaritan attracted her because of the possibility of further differentiation in her career with the opportunity to focus on patients with specialized conditions such as heart failure, stroke, transplant and others.

She was also impressed by the “longevity” of so many of the employees who work at Banner Good Samaritan. The fact that we have employees who have been here five, 10, 20, 30, 40-plus years, and who keep coming back despite the incredible changes in the health care environment, speaks volumes about this Place of Possibility, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Ruth and I also discussed what Banner Good Sam is poised to become … as many hospitals continue to be built around the Valley closer to where many people live, how does Banner Good Samaritan continue to be a “Destination”  site for patients, physicians, nurses and everybody from the care team? Simply put, we must invest in growing, differentiating and branding signature Programs that leverage our commitment to teaching and scholarship.

In the next several months, several multidisciplinary advisory councils will be chartered, focused on creating strategic/business plans focused on this exact goal.

Thanks to many of you who have committed years of service to this medical center, building and creating a culture and reputation of Arizona’s best hospital. Stay tuned as we gradually transform more Possibilities into Probabilities and, eventually, Realities.

Thanks Ruth and Kiesha and all the other social workers who are dedicated to making a difference in all our patients’ lives. As you all know, our patients are our neighbors, fathers, mothers and children. They have complicated lives and difficult circumstances that too often a procedure or medication is not enough to fix.

Ruth and Kiesha remind us all every day that sometimes the most effective cure is simply taking a few minutes to listen, to be present, to care ... and to show our humanity. That is what’s possible at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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