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gardens at Banner Good Samaritan

There are six gardens at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Healing Garden
We believe a healing garden can enhances healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. We welcome all visitors and expect that at all times they will respect the Garden’s dignity, integrity and intention of purpose. The Healing Garden is located in the center of the medical center.

Garden of Service
The Garden of Service recognizes employees who have made a difference at Banner Good Samaritan. Each leaf on the tree represents an employee who has committed more than 25 years of service to the hospital. The Garden of Service is located between the visitor parking structure and the hosiptal.

Sunken Gardens (North and South)
The North and South Sunken Gardens are located near the Laura Dreier Breast Center. There is a statue in the North Sunken Garden that represents our breast center.

Spiral Garden
The Spiral Garden has spiraling rocks in the middle of it. It ties in the Healing Garden to what became known as the "new gardens." These gardens, the North and South Sunken Gardens and the Spiral Garden, were created when the hospital expanded and built its ancillary building.

Infusion Garden
Infusion patients receive treatment for several hours. The Infusion Garden is a visual distraction for these patients, bringing the outdoors inside while patients are being treated.

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