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Interventional Radiology

interventional radiology at Banner Good Samaritan  

Banner Good Samaritan experts in interventional radiology can use minimally invasive alternatives to surgery to treat various cancers.

We are leaders in interventional radiology. We are the only program in Arizona that provides radioembolization for liver tumors using TheraSphere and SirSphere. We are the fourth largest radioembolization center in the country.

Through a small nick in the skin, our interventional radiologists insert tiny catheters and miniature instruments that can be steered through the body’s network of arteries and veins.

The advantages of interventional radiology include:

  • Non-surgical treatment of disease
  • Performed through a small nick in the skin
  • Low risk
  • Minimal pain
  • Short procedure times on an outpatient basis
  • Short recovery times
  • General anesthesia is usually not required

Some of our treatments include:

  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) using needle probes that burn tumor/cancer with minimal effect to surrounding tissue.
  • Radioembolization provides the delivery of millions of microscopic radioactive glass beads directly into inoperable liver tumors through a tiny catheter steered into the artery that feeds the tumor. The beads become lodged within the tumor vessels, where they deliver the local radiation that causes tumor death.
  • Chemoembolization uses tiny beads to deliver cancer-killing drugs directly into liver tumors.
  • Cryoblation using needle probes that freeze tumor/cancer with minimal effect to surrounding tissue. Interventional radiologists consult with referred patients in an office setting to fully evaluate patient’s condition and review treatment plan options.

Banner Good Samaritan is a pioneer in the use of interventional radiology and has a history of excellent results:

  • 2001 – Banner Good Samaritan conducted the first TheraSphere procedure in the Western U.S. This specialized procedure delivers millions of microscopic radioactive glass beads to an inoperable liver tumor through a catheter. The spheres are trapped in the tumor’s capillary bed where they burn away the tumor from the inside.
  • 2001 – Banner Good Samaritan became the site of the first TheraSphere/liver transplant “bridge” in the U.S. when a TheraSphere treatment enabled a local man with liver cancer to regain enough liver function to receive a liver transplant.
  • 2002 – Banner Good Samaritan conducted the first SIR-Sphere procedure in the U.S. to treat metastatic cancers that form in liver.
  • 2009 – Banner Good Samaritan conducted the first Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) procedure on a patient with liver tumor in U.S. outside of clinical trials.
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