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Limb Preservation


Limb salvage surgery performed at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix, Arizona.Cavanagh Heart Center offers patients with advanced vascular disease alternatives to amputation.

Advanced wound care and limb preservation is a team effort that centers around aggressive vascular screening and outpatient services provided by the Wound Clinic at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.  

Many patients with diabetes or peripheral artery disease, have blood circulation problems. In early stages, these conditions may just cause occasional leg cramping but years of limited blood supply and oxygen to the legs can cause greater problems. Often patients with diabetes or peripheral artery disease face toe, foot, or leg amputation once their limb has basically died as a result of the disease.

Cavanagh Heart Center vascular specialists work with wound care experts to minimize the need for amputation through effective wound care management.

The vascular surgeons at Cavanagh Heart Center see patients in the outpatient wound clinic several times per month. This is unique to the program and it provides more accurate diagnosis and treatment of serious wounds. This careful, consistent approach reduces the chances of wounds becoming infected which may possible result in amputation.

Our vascular surgeons and certified wound specialists thoroughly evaluate patients during their hospital stay for either wound treatment or related conditions and maintain the patient relationship in the wound clinic following discharge if needed. This early intervention helps to diagnose and treat wounds early on, with fewer complications and better outcomes.

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