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Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

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In October 2011, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center launched a state-of-the-art inpatient Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) in Arizona. EMU allows for long-term EEG monitoring (brain wave activity), along with continuous observation of video/audio, EEG data, and cardiac telemetry. 

In 2014, the Banner Good Samaritan Epilepsy Monitoring Unit was designated a Level 3 comprehensive epilepsy center by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC).

Level 3 comprehensive epilepsy centers have the professional expertise and resources to provide the highest level of medical evaluation and treatment for patients with complex epilepsy.

We accurately diagnose the type of seizure and seizure syndrome, as well as offer comprehensive epilepsy education for the patient and caregivers.

Patients are referred to the EMU by their neurologist or epileptologist for several reasons. These include medication changes for optimal seizure control, for seizure classification, or to determine whether a patient is a candidate for epilepsy surgery. 

Patients can expect to spend anywhere from three to five days in the EMU. An EMU admission is often an elective admission, as it is a significant commitment of time on the part of the patient. 

Please review the following patient instructions prior to your EMU admission and following your discharge from EMU:

The EMU team is committed to providing an excellent patient experience and making sure that the patient’s stay is safe and comfortable.

Call the inpatient Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at (602) 839-0600 for more information. 

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