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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit



Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center is proud to manage Banner Children's Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The Banner Good Samaritan NICU currently has the capacity to care for 65 babies and their families. 
Our precious patients needing more specialized care have access to neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners and nurses, respiratory therapists as well as pediatric specialists.

The NICU is conveniently located on the same floor as our Labor, Delivery and Recovery suites. 

The designation of the Banner Good Samaritan NICU as a Level III service expands this highest level of care expertise to three Banner Children's units, joining Cardon Children’s Medical Center in the East Valley and Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in the West Valley, which already provide that service level.
With the addition of this NICU to the Banner family, it is estimated that 135 to 140 neonates daily will receive excellent patient care by Banner’s neonatal experts.

Banner Good Samaritan already operates a robust high-risk perinatal program with more than 5,400 deliveries per year. More pediatric care is provided through Banner Children’s services in Valley hospitals and other health entities than any other health organization in Arizona.

Besides numerous NICUs across our Valley hospitals, Banner Health serves pediatric patients throughout the Valley in its Emergency departments, outpatient surgery centers and Banner Health Centers and Clinics.

For more information, call the NICU at (602) 839-7500.


Q) What specialty service does the Banner Good Samaritan NICU offer?

A) As a Level III-certified facility, we meet specific requirements and provide special care for babies weighing one pound or more that may not have some of their vital organs functioning effectively and may need special technological support, nursing care and specialty physician care.

Q) What are the visiting hours for the NICU?

A) Parents are not considered visitors and are part of our family-centered care and can be near their babies 24x7. Others who are important to the baby and family are also considered part of the support group, as decided by the family and care team.

Q) What amenities are available for family members?

A) Family and friends have access to a dedicated space with amenities including lockers, shower and a washer and dryer. A refrigerator, microwave, TV and a computer are also available as is Wi-fi service.

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