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By the Numbers

Banner Poison and Drug Information Center offers help to families  

Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Information Center provides vital information to Maricopa County, as well as other Arizona residents. 

In 2012, we managed over 90,000 incoming calls and made more than 150,000 follow-up calls.

It is estimated that the poison center saved the community more than $30 million in emergency treatment costs, as more than 34,000 people who called the poison center were able to have their poisonings taken care of without a trip to the emergency room.

Our Education and Outreach department participated in more than 75 health fairs and presentations to the public /healthcare community in 2012 

Over 150,000 poison prevention materials were distributed to the community in 2012.

Calls received by the Banner Poison Center included:

  • 46,817 human poisoning calls (exposures to toxins and other poisons); 1,090 were animal exposure calls
    o 16,740 (36%) of human exposures involved children 5 years or younger
    o 20,062 (43%) of all human exposures involved children 12 years or younger
  • 12,276 persons were bitten or stung by a scorpion, spider, snake or other poisonous/venomous creature
     9,800 were scorpion stings
     91% of scorpion stings were managed safely at home
     8% of scorpion stings were treated in an Emergency room-most needed help with pain management    
  • 86% of exposures calls are accidental or unintentional
  • 73% of human exposures were managed at home without the need for referral into an Emergency Room.
  • 8,019 calls were from a health care facility (a physician or nurse) needing assistance with managing a poison exposure.
  • 1,454 exposure calls were a 911 transfer call to the poison center.  53% (766) of 911 transfers were managed at home by phone without EMS responding. 
  • 41,959 were calls from the public and health care professionals with questions related to poisons, medications, substance abuse, teratogens (drugs/chemicals that can cause birth defects), environmental toxins and other related information.  

Top 5 exposure calls received by the Banner Poison Center:

  • Bites and stings (Scorpion sting #1 call in this category)
  • Analgesics (Pain medicines)
  • Sedatives/Hypnotics/Antipsychotics
  • Household cleaners
  • Personal care products/cosmetics

Top 5 exposure calls received about children 5 years and younger:

  • Cosmetics/Personal care items
  • Analgesics (Pain medicines)
  • Household cleaners
  • Bites and stings
  • Foreign bodies

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