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Bark Scorpions

Bark Scorpions  

There are as many as 56 species of scorpions in Arizona but only one scorpion, the bark scorpion, that can cause medical problems.

The bark scorpion is the only scorpion in Maricopa County that can climb. It is able to climb walls and walk across ceilings and therefore can show up in bathtubs and beds, having fallen from the ceiling. They do  not come up the drains.

It also can cling to the underside of many objects, making it important to be cautious when picking up an object where a scorpion could be hiding such as a wet towel from the pool area, furniture like a table or firewood.

All Arizona scorpions can sting you. They cannot bite you!

The often heard myth that the smaller the scorpion, the more venomous/deadly it is turns out to be untrue. Only the bark scorpion has a neurotoxic venom and is a medium size scorpion - full grown at about an inch and a half.

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