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Bath Salts


"Bath Salts" is the most common term referring to a set of synthetic drugs also sold as "Plant Food." It is also know by various brand names: Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Zoom2, Pixie Dust, Sextacy, Ocean Burst, Purple Rain, Hurricane Charlie and many more.

The products are thought  by users to be a legal substitute for amphetamine or cocaine.

Labeled "not for human consumption" the active ingredient may be one of several synthetic drugs similar to natural cathinone psychostimulants found in the khat plant. The crystals or capsules may also contain anesthetic lidocaine.

When people snort or smoke the synthetic drug bath salts the nervous system is stimulated. It creates a burst of energy along with high blood pressure, fast heart rate, increased alertness, anxiety and muscle cramps.

People can have frightening delusions, halluncinations, pyschosis and paranoia. There are multiple reports of people thinking that monsters, policemen or helicopters are chasing them. These delusions lead to combativeness, assaults and suicide attempts and potential deaths.

For more information or for medical assistance after contact with bath salts, call the Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Information Center at 1-800-222-1222.


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