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Protect Your Home from Carbon Monoxide

CO Detector  

Carbon monoxide is a gas that you can't see, taste, or smell.

It is also called "CO". Too much of this gas in the air can make you sick or even kill you.

Carbon monoxide can come from anything that uses or burns natural gas, gasoline, charcoal, or wood.

Be careful with these things that give off carbon monoxide:

  • Gas and wood cooking stoves. DO NOT use them to heat the house.
  • Barbecue and gas grills. Use them at least 10 feet or 3 meters away from the house.
  • Gas furnace and water heater. Have them checked once a year. A furnace repairman can check your furnace. A plumber can check your water heater.
  • Cars and trucks. Do not leave a car or truck running in the garage even with the door open.
  • Gasoline power electric generators. Use them at least 10 feet or 3 meters away from the house.

Is carbon monoxide making you sick?

Sickness from carbon monoxide may feel like the flu, but with no fever. You can die if you stay inside and keep breathing it.

How can you stay safe from carbon monoxide?

  • Get a carbon monoxide detector. They are sold at big discount stores and hardware stores.
  • Remember that a carbon monoxide detector is not the same as a smoke or fire alarm. (You need smoke detectors, too.)
  • Put your carbon monoxide detector near where you and your family sleep.
  • Learn the sound your carbon monoxide detector makes.
  • If you hear the carbon monoxide detector sound- go outside fast and call 911!
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