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Guardian of the Year


The Guardian serves as a powerful symbol of the unique culture that exists at Banner Heart Hospital. Our virtues—wisdom, warmth, strength, integrity and gentleness—help define excellence in our work.

Those physicians, employees and volunteers who best embody these virtues are hailed as our Guardians. Guardian of the Year nominees are honored annually at an awards banquet.

These individuals have been identified as those who have gone above and beyond in exemplifying the virtues and serving as role models in how they provide care to our patients.

2013 Honorees

Physician Guardian of the Year: Dr. Iva Smolens
Employee/Volunteer Guardian of the Year: John Kressaty (volunteer)

2013 Physician Finalists

  • Dr. Jean Chatham
  • Dr. Iva Smolens
  • Dr. Joseph Vijungco

2013 Employee/Volunteer Finalists

  • Jody Bock
  • Wendy Griffith
  • Monica Hulsey
  • John Kressaty
  • Amy Sellers
  • Ken Stevens
  • Mindy Teeter
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