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Banner Heart Hospital: 2010 Guardian Awards - Full Transcription

Audio:  Music plays throughout video

Images: Clips of three Banner Heart Hospital employees, enjoying their work. Kathy Bollinger speaks on-camera.

Text:   Kathy Bollinger
Founding CEO, Banner Heart Hospital

Audio:  “Well, the Guardian represents a promise. The Guardian represents a commitment. And the Guardian represents, I hope, the future of the Heart Hospital.”

Text:  Debbie Flores
CEO, Banner Heart Hospital

Images: Debbie Flores speaks on- and off-camera. The Guardian Statue and surrounding area

Audio:  “The physical embodiment of the Guardian is a statue located in front of Banner Heart Hospital. Yet, it’s more than a piece of art. It’s a reminder for us to live our mission every day of making a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care”

Text: The Guardian statue was dedicated in 2002 and reminds us to watch over our patients and one another

Images: Kathy Bollinger, continues.
Health professionals working in hospital

Audio:  “It seemed critical to me at the time that we find some symbol to connect people 10 years out, 20 years out, 30 years out with what the purpose of that hospital was and what the vision of that hospital was.”

Image: Six hanging plaques, each honoring past Banner Heart Guardian award recipients.

Image:   Embossed plaque, on the base of the Guardian statue, reads:
Our Guardian
In Memory of
Ann DenHerder
With Love From Her Mother and Sister
Sculpted by
Jim Lee and James Reeb
November 2002

Audio:  “So, Mr. Lee, a lot of personal adversity and volunteered to sculpt something for us. Carol DenHerder and Kristen Rezler acknowledged this is a great opportunity to honor their daughter and sister, Ann.”

Image: Carol DenHerder speaks on-camera.

Text:: Carol DenHerder, Ann DenHerder’s Mother
Guardian Benefactor

Audio: “She was wise beyond her years. She loved life. She was warm. She was gentle. She was kind and she really lived a life that any mother would be proud to say that was her daughter.”

Images: Kathy Bollinger speaks on- and off-camera.
Statue and Medallion embossed with: Wisdom, Warmth, Strength, Integrity, Gentleness

Audio: “So these virtues that define the Guardian, they came about through a very intentional process of really trying to figure out a couple of things. One is, what are the really critical success factors for this hospital’s culture? What are the virtues that define Ann DenHerder’s life? And, how do we bring those to life in our culture every day?”

Image:  Carol DenHerder, continues.

Text:  Wisdom, Warmth, Strength, Integrity and Gentleness
These ideals are brought to life every day by those who make Banner Heart a world-class, award-winning center for care. Those who best embody those virtues are named our Guardians.

Audio: “Well, the virtues, when they were first presented to the Heart Hospital, the staff and the physicians, maybe didn’t have as much meaning as what they do today.”

Images: Debbie Flores, continues.
Medallion embossed with: Wisdom, Warmth, Strength, Integrity, Gentleness 

Clips of Banner Heart Hospital employees assisting patients and each other.

Audio: “The Guardian virtues guide us in how we treat one another at Banner Heart Hospital. They’re a clear reminder to all of us of what we should strive for every day when we’re providing care to our patients, comfort to a family member, or assistance to a co-worker or another health care provider.”

Text:   Dr. Edward Perlstein
Founding Medical Director

Images: Dr. Edward Perlstein speaks on- and off-camera.
Award recipients, holding award statuettes.
Close-up images of the Guardian medallion and the Guardian statue.

Audio: “The honor of the award itself, the honor of just being nominated for the award, carries with it quite a bit of prestige and significance. I think everybody who gets the honor cherishes it. And I think those who haven’t gotten it, envy it. ”

Images: Debbie Flores, continues.
Guardian Statue with a list of the virtues along-side: Wisdom, Warmth,
Strength, Integrity, Gentleness

Audio: “Our Guardian nominees are individuals who have been identified as those who have gone above and beyond in living those five virtues, so they’re recognized as role models for those values, particularly in providing care to patients.

Images:  Carol DenHerder, continues.
Banner Heart employees interact with patients and each other.

Audio: “You feel a different sense of well being when you come to the Heart Hospital by the way you’re treated and by the way the whole environment around you is working.”

Images: Laura Robertson, continues.
Patients receiving care from Banner Heart Hospital’s medical staff.

Audio: “The culture at Banner Heart Hospital is very unique. It’s a culture where everyone knows one another and is committed to providing outstanding cardiac care. We are dedicated to service, we’re dedicated to top care and we’re dedicated to creating an environment that is like no other.”

Images: Kathy Bollinger, continues.
Clips of hospital’s medical staff at work.

Audio: “When the staff of a hospital are treated well by each other and are well respected and well cared for and, I would even say, loved, then they can, in fact, do a much better job of looking after their patients.”

Text: What do Wisdom, Warmth, Strength, Integrity and Gentleness mean to the people of Banner Heart Hospital

Images: Clips of Banner Heart Hospital medical staff assisting patients and each other.

Audio V.O.:  “Wisdom means knowing the right thing to do in my gut.”

Audio V.O.:  “Integrity, I think, is the easiest thing. And that’s the ability to do the right thing and do that with consistency.”

Audio V.O.:  “Warmth, to me, means a connection with a patient, a family member or a co-worker.”

Audio V.O.:  “Strength means having the courage of my convictions.”

Images:  Carol DenHerder, continues.
Guardian statue and surrounding garden.

Audio: “Gentleness, to me, means being soft and caring in all that you do.”

Images:  Kathy Bollinger, continues.
Close-up of Guardian statue.

Audio: “If you were signing on to work at the Heart Hospital, you were also signing on to be a Guardian. And you were signing on to live, by example, the virtues that define Ann DenHerder’s life.”

Image:   The Guardian statue on-screen, alongside Carol DenHerder
Carol DenHerder, concludes.

Audio: “As the mother of Ann, I can’t help but think her spirit is moving through this facility and being very much a part of what happens in this Heart Hospital.”

Image: Exterior image of Banner Heart Hospital

Audio:  Music concludes over final image.

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