For Physicians at Banner Heart Hospital  

Please Use Your Care Sets

Mark Starling MDMark Sterling, MD
Chief Medical Officer

This month, I would like to ask for your assistance in making a focused effort to use care sets.

Why is this issue of importance to you, your patients and BHH?

We are engaged in an acute care episode (ACE) bundled pilot project with the BPHO around Heart Failure, AMI and CABG. With our physicians, we have reviewed the patient flows for these specific disease processes and their respective care sets to guarantee that the care sets are best practice, that they are all evidence based, that they make our physicians and staff more efficient, and that they are more cost effective by removing redundancy.

We have also submitted our Bundled Payment Care Innovation project to CMS for Heart Failure.

For both the ACE bundle projects and the BPCI project with CMS, we would like to encourage all of our medical staff to use the appropriate admission care sets for these patients. The reason for making this request comes from a recent report from the Cardiovascular Roundtable. It suggested that, if Heart Failure admission care sets
were used more than 70 percent of the time in patients admitted to
the hospital with a HF diagnosis, there was great value added for these Heart Failure patients. The data suggested that care set use reduced length of stay by 25 percent and cost per case by 28 percent. However, the most valuable part of doing this is that they initiate best practice, evidence-based medicine, patient-centered care and more efficient and coordinated care which led to an inhouse mortality reduction of 38 percent.

If we can consistently and reliably use Heart Failure and AMI admission care sets and care sets for our cardiac surgical patients which have been vetted by our physicians to include those elements that they believe are best practice and quality care, then we will provide to our patients higher quality care, more efficient care and lower the cost of care.

So join with me by encouraging your colleagues to take on this challenge and commit personally to using the appropriate admission care sets for our Heart Failure patients, our AMI patients and our surgical patients.

We will then be delivering consistent, reliable and superb quality patient care to our patients.

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