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Prayer quilts & shawls

BHH Volunteer Muriel Fredricks knits a prayer shawl for a patient at the hospital.  

Volunteers make prayer quilts and shawls for patients at Banner Heart Hospital

Volunteers at Banner Heart Hospital and the Mesa Senior Center are making prayer quilts and shawls for patients at the facility.  Each volunteer says a prayer as they make each quilt and shawl for the unknown recipient, for healing and for other gifts during illness and recovery.

There is a dedicatory prayer as one begins the project, then continuing prayers and positive thoughts, and a prayer of blessing and love as each quilt and shawl is completed.  When the quilt and shawl are completed, a card is attached that reads something like this: “This quilt was lovingly made for you by the hands of volunteers from the Banner Heart Hospital and the Mesa Senior Center.  We pray for your health and well-being.”

The completed items are then brought to the hospital and are distributed by the chaplain.  A picture will be taken only if the patient agrees.  The chaplain will let the volunteers know what comments the patient made about the quilt or shawl, but volunteers will not know who receives their particular gift.

The Prayer Quilt ministry idea was brought to the attention of Banner Baywood by a former chaplain and Nancy Crenshaw, a volunteer at Banner Heart Hospital.  After some research, they found a group called “Prayers and Squares,” a prayer quilt ministry that advises and supports chapters all over the United States, as well as providing patterns and guidelines for starting a program. 

We do not accept any type of payment for the quilts and shawls because it is a gift of love.  If folks would like to donate money for materials or materials for the project, they can make a donation to:

Banner Health Foundation
2025 N. 3rd Street Suite 250
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Re: Spiritual Care/Banner Baywood Campus

If you are interested in being a volunteer on the Banner Baywood campus, please call Volunteer Services at (480) 321-4122.

Banner Heart Hospital
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