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Our Promise to Patients

Banner Ironwood Medical Center  

Banner Ironwood Medical Center takes its name from the ironwood tree, also known as the “nurse plant” of the Sonoran desert. With both medicinal and ecological attributes, the ironwood tree stands strong and tall, providing refuge and a safe haven to plants and animals seeking shelter and protection beneath it.

Like our namesake…

We stand with strength, compassion and knowledge, welcoming all who seek healing beneath our branches.

We are each but a single leaf on the tree, yet by joining together we provide a safe, healing canopy for our patients, their families and each other.

Our arms reach out like branches, enveloping our community with healing and kindness.

Our roots grow deep, supported by the strong foundation of Banner Health’s mission to make a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care.

Banner Ironwood is a place where talent and skill meet care and compassion. Here, exceptional people and advanced medical technology come together to deliver innovative and compassionate healthcare.

We are each part of the shelter, the refuge, the nurturing, the strength and the integrity that symbolizes Banner Ironwood Medical Center. Let us always respect and be mindful of this awesome responsibility to our community and our legacy.

Banner Ironwood
37000 N. Gantzel Road
San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
(480) 394-4000

East of Queen Creek at the corner of
Gantzel and Combs roads
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