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Banner Ironwood receives excellent feedback from patients who have had great experiences during their treatment.

Gary Abe

Gary Abe’s wife sustained a broken femur from being thrown from her horse. They came to Banner Ironwood for treatment, and were greeted right away by a volunteer with a wheelchair, joined by two nurses.

The ER doctor was very informative and put his wife at ease, according to Gary, and the team made sure his wife's pain was well managed. 

“We then met Dr. David Nilsen, who performed the surgery. Not only does he explain things in such an easy casual way (that is a learned art in itself), but he makes complete sense to both my wife and myself. We were so impressed with Dr. Nilsen that my wife is having another, unrelated surgery performed by him. If that is not a testimonial, I don’t know what is.

I am a practicing fire engineer/paramedic in the Valley. I see many an ER room and various hospitals. I am not easily impressed. Your hospital is the Gold Standard by which all hospitals should use to model their own. Everyone cared about the patient – from the volunteer to the nurse what wheeled my wife out to our vehicle.

You made us feel significant. It is evident that treating people well, whether a patient or another coworker, is a major thread of your organization.

For all these reasons, my wife and I thank you. You set the bar high and I can only hope your reputation will make other hospitals take notice and desire to improve. Even given my wife’s situation, it was an incredibly positive experience. Thanks to all!”

Robert Moore

"I went to Banner Ironwood Medical Center complaining of chest pain and was seen through the Emergency department. Within seconds of arriving in the Emergency department, the physicians had me in triage and began a number of tests and x-rays.  The physician returned to my bedside and said that all of my test came back fine but he never gave up.  He ran additional tests and soon it was determined that I had appendicitis.  I was admitted at 4 a.m. and in surgery by 10 a.m.  I was shocked at how responsive everyone was and how urgently they got me to surgery.

When the physicians began surgery, they could not find my appendix because it had ruptured.  My physician estimated that my appendix had ruptured 48 hours prior to being admitted.  Banner Ironwood truly saved my life. 

Everyone from the nurses to the housekeepers took such good care of me.  My needs were always attended to and I even began walking the same day I had surgery. I felt like I was at a 5-star hotel rather than a hospital.  I truly believe that if had not been for Banner Ironwood, I would not be able to share my story with you. To top it off, a few days after my discharge, I received a get-well card signed by all the nurses on the unit.  This was something that I had never expected.

Thank you to everyone for taking such good care of me and treating me with respect and dignity!"

Natali Amezcua

"I came to Banner Ironwood Medical Center to have a baby, but was shocked at what else I received.  Little did I know, my son Anthony, would be the 500th baby born at the hospital.  After I delivered Anthony who weighed 7.15 pounds and measured 21 inches long, I was presented with a baby themed gift basket.  Among other things, I received a pair of crocheted baby booties, a blanket, and a picture frame.

The level of care that I received at the hospital was outstanding.  I was surprised that everyone treated me and Anthony so well throughout our hospital stay.  All the nurses and physicians kept in constant communication with me and explained everything that was going on.  I was very happy with my room, the cleanliness of it, and the overall environment of the hospital. 

I would like to thank everyone for the care they provided and for making me and Anthony feel so special."

 Annette Brady

"I was a patient at Banner Ironwood for 12 days and was extremely satisfied with the level of care that I received.  The hospital is very close to my home, so when I needed to seek emergency care, Ironwood was there for me.

During my stay, I was kept in constant communication with my nurses and physicians.  Everyone who worked in the department was so thoughtful and willing to do what they could to help me heal.  There was not one harsh word spoken and not one moment of neglect.  Dr. Debra Jamison was incredibly kind and treated me with such compassion and care.  The staff worried about my well being all the time which made me feel comfortable and safe.

I would not hesitate to go back to Ironwood if needed.  It is because of the care I received at Ironwood and the people who took care of me that allowed me to heal.  Thank you to everyone!  I am so grateful to each of you."

Bill and Ann Johannez

"Earlier this year while visiting family in Michigan, my wife Ann became ill.  In Michigan she was seen by a doctor and was treated with common medication. However, after we landed at the airport in Phoenix, my wife continued to feel ill and I knew I had to seek medical attention. 

Without hesitation, I drove my wife to Banner Ironwood Medical Center in San Tan Valley.  We came to the hospital through the Emergency department and once inside, we were seen quickly by the wonderful medical staff.  Soon thereafter, the on-call doctor provided a diagnosis and admitted my wife. Each staff member was very friendly and kept in constant communication with us throughout our stay.

In addition, we found the hospital very clean and quiet, which helped my wife heal.  After we left the hospital, we were pleasantly surprised when we received a get-well card from the staff.  We even had someone call us to make sure my wife was doing well.  Thank you to the staff at Banner Ironwood.  We feel very blessed to have been treated with such care in our time of need."

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