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Volunteer Job Descriptions


The following are volunteer opportunities within Banner Ironwood Medical Center:

Volunteers in administration assist with phones, office work and projects. They will also be available to participate in patient contact by delivering information to patients. Must be able to use a computer and have good communication skills.

Baby & Hat Blanket Makers
These off-property volunteers will be responsible for acquiring their own materials for making baby hats, booties, sweaters, blankets etc. When donating them to the hospital, materials must be new, clean and bagged and have volunteer name and estimated hours it took to complete the donation given. Qualified applicants will be able to knit, crochet, sew or quilt.

Cafeteria Assistant
Hours for cafeteria assistant would be from 10am-2pm. Volunteers are responsible for wiping tables and chairs indoors and outdoors as well as assisting restocking items in the cafeteria. Volunteers will be required to spend a majority of the time on their feet, and must be able to work independently.

Spiritual Care rounds last from 1-3 hours per day depending on patient volume. Volunteers would be assigned one day per week to come in for patient rounding. They must be non-denominational while caring for the patients, staff and guests even if affiliated with a specific church. They will approach all patients and families to let them know that we are here to care for their spiritual needs while in the hospital. A written record of patients visited will be required and kept at BIMC.

Spiritual Care Volunteers must be affiliated as a leader with a religious group in the community and must pass a criminal background check. They must have good communication skills and dress presentably, but are not required to wear a volunteer uniform.

Comfort Cart
BIMC comfort cart contains donated items such as books, puzzles, toys, coloring books, magazines and quilts. Comfort cart volunteers will take the cart to all patient rooms and visitor lobbies to offer comfort materials and/or to read to the patients. They will also be available for patients to refill waters, and provide other comfort measures such as additional pillows, blankets or just visiting with the patients. Comfort rounds may last 1-3 hours depending on patient volume.

Volunteers must be approachable and be able to communicate well with the staff members to get the patients additional help that they may need. Volunteers must practice confidentiality measures and can not give patients food/beverage without checking with the nurses' station first. Volunteers will spend the majority of the time on their feet.

ED Front Desk
Volunteers at the Emergency Department front desk will work alongside of an Admitting Employee. Volunteers will bring wheelchairs out for patients and assist in comfort measures for anyone in the lobby. They will escort visiting family members to the patient areas and sanitize the lobby/wheelchairs.

Volunteers must be able to handle a busy environment and be on the lookout for any way that they can help. They must be able to work independently and be friendly and caring.

ED in department
Volunteers in the Emergency Department will be working behind the scenes within the department making coffee, restocking nourishment rooms and patient rooms. They will also be rounding hourly on each patient to visit with them and check in on them to be sure that patients and family members are comfortable and well-informed.

Volunteers must be friendly and not afraid of walking into curtained patient areas to check on them. They must work independently, but also be able to communicate well with the doctors and nurses to let them know what the patients needs are.

Gift Shop (Back of House)
Volunteers will assist with unpacking and pricing items as well as working in the gift shop storage area. They will also work in the gift shop doing merchandising, dusting and refilling balloons. Volunteers must have great organizational skills and neatness and be able to work in a confined area.

Gift Shop Accountant
Volunteer will assist the gift shop in organizing cash register slips each week and prepare cash for deposit. Must have good mathematical skills and organization skills.

Gift Shop Clerk
Volunteers will run the cash register and payroll deduction computer, take flower orders by phone and assist patients and family members with gift selections. One volunteer will work in the gift shop at a time and must be able to find ways to stay busy by dusting, folding tissue paper, straightening out the items on the shelves and cleaning the floral cooler in between customers. Duties include good salesmanship and an approachable demeanor.

Must be willing to learn to use the cash register and computer and be able to engage patients, staff and visitors in conversation.

Mail Room
Volunteers will receive, sort and deliver the mail to every department in the hospital as well as to the medical office building on the property. Mail room shift is 10am-2pm Monday-Friday.  Must have good organizational skills and be able to spend the majority of the time walking.

Main Lobby Information Desk
Front desk ambassadors will greet patients, visitors and staff with a friendly smile and great attitude. They will check in patients who are coming for medical tests, surgery and maternity visits. They will escort patients to the correct departments and be able to have conversations with them while walking. Volunteers may be required to push a wheelchair and use the computer to look up patient rooms. They will also offer comfort cart items such as books etc. to patients in the lobby.

Good telephone and greeting skills and be willing to learn the computer system. A great smile and attitude is required.

Medical Imaging
Duties in Medical Imaging include assisting employees at the front desk, as well as restocking rooms and comforting families in the lobby.

Medical Records (HIMS)
Volunteers will be working in the HIMS office, assisting them with data entry and proofreading computer entries for accuracy. Must be detail oriented, willing to be trained to use a computer and be able to work independently. Volunteers will be seated for the 4 hour duration.

OB (In Department)
Volunteers in the OB department will be responsible for refilling the blanket warmers, restocking the nourishment rooms and delivering donated hats and blankets to the babies' families. They will also be checking in on the patients to refill waters, deliver snacks and be sure that the families are comfortable. Volunteers will not be handling babies. Volunteers must be able to work independently and have a caring attitude.

OB Front Desk
Volunteers will be seated at the front desk and be responsible for escorting visitors to the correct areas. They will assemble packets of paperwork and share comfort measures with families, siblings and visitors. Must be able to work independently and have a caring, warm attitude.

OR (In Department)
Volunteers will be responsible for restocking patient areas, blanket warmers and nourishment rooms. They must be able to assist the staff by sharing comfort measures with the patients and families. Must be able to work independently and have a caring, compassionate attitude.

OR Front Desk
Volunteers in the Surgery Lobby will be responsible for checking in surgery patients, being the liaison between family members and the surgeons, and to share comfort measures with the family and visitors. They must keep the surgery lobby neat and comfortable, be approachable and caring. Must be able to demonstrate patient confidentiality measures, answer phones and have good organizational skills.

Patient Recovery
Volunteers will assist staff with various clerical duties, help restock rooms and nourishment areas and round on patients. They will refill waters and be the liaison between the patients and the nurses, answering call buttons when needed and assisting with patient comfort measures.

Volunteers must be able to assist with a variety of duties and have a desire to work closely with the patients and nurses. Good communication skills are needed.

Pet Therapy
Volunteers will round on patients, staff and visitors with their pet therapy animals. They will engage them in conversation and be able to be in control of the pet at the same time. Rounding will take 1-2 hours depending on number of patients.

Must complete a training program such as Therapy Dogs International, have all up to date yearly veterinarian paperwork and demonstrate good handling skills. Must be able to start up conversations and create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Volunteers will assist staff as needed. Must be detail oriented and follow directions well.

Volunteers will transport patients by wheelchair from recovery rooms to medical imaging for tests, and to assist in discharging patients to go home. They will make conversation with patients and family members to create a relaxed atmosphere. Must have good communication skills, be able to push a wheelchair and be able to spend the majority of the shift on their feet.

Volunteer Office Assistant
Volunteers will be assisting in various office and clerical projects. Must be able to use a computer and have good communication skills with the Volunteer Manager. Detail oriented and self starter.

Volunteers will be assisting the maintenance department in room inspections, keeping storage areas organized. They will run the water in sinks, showers and eye wash stations in unused areas, and assist the department in small projects. Must be able to work independently, be detail oriented, and spend the majority of the 4 hour shift on their feet.

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