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Lighting a Path of Hope


Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Watch the lighting of the
Lantern of Hope
Hope shines bright at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Hope shines in the symbolic Lantern of Hope standing high above the entrance. And it shines in the hearts of our caregivers who light a path of hope along the cancer journey – hope for healing, hope for acceptance and hope for personal wishes.

The Lantern of Hope is a four-story metal structure constructed of water-jet cut metal and steel. Its pattern reflects the leaves and branches of the palo verde tree, often referred to as  a "nurse plant" for its healing properties. Just as the palo verde tree shelters plants and animals beneath its branches, so too will we care for cancer patients and their families throughout their cancer journey.

The lantern is illuminated by the sun during the day, reflecting the palo verde leaf pattern on the white fabric that lines the interior and surrounds balconies on the second and third floors. At night, the lantern is illuminated from within by beautiful colors of light. Under the lantern visitors will find a place of comfort, with water features and plant life bridging the  transition into the cancer center.

Lighting the Lantern of Hope
We light the Lantern of Hope in honor of all those who fight cancer in their lifetimes. May this light serve as a beacon of hope for everyone touched by cancer, and may we one day be able to extinguish this disease.

We inspire hope by Helping Oncology Patients be Empowered to:

  • Find courage and strength
  • Focus on the healing aspect of care
  • Gather information to make choices about their care
  • Develop personal goals for care
  • Trust in their medical team

We instill hope with:

  • Advanced medical treatment for the fight against cancer
  • Highly skilled, compassionate cancer experts working as a team to provide comprehensive care in one location
  • An environment designed just for cancer care to promote healing relationships
  • Emotional, spiritual and lifestyle support and education for every stage of the cancer journey

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Higley Road and US 60
2946 E. Banner Gateway Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 256-6444
(855) 256-6444

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