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Ed Oxford: Hear My Story

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Hear My Story: Ed Oxford - Full Transcription

Audio:   Opening music plays over photo of Ed Oxford

Image/Text:  Ed Oxford – Cancer Patient
Chief Talent Officer / Senior Vice President, Banner Health
Hand-written: “I know, I lived it.”

Image:  Ed Oxford speaks on-camera.

Audio: “I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008. It was a bit surreal; it was as if it wasn’t happening to me. When you have cancer, you think that you’re not going to be here in another year or, you know, if that at all. My father had cancer and he passed away seven months after his diagnosis.

I had actually done some research ahead of time, on my own, to investigate my own disease state and understand what I was being told and understand what my options were. Actually, that’s what made it less fearful for me—is to know that I had a plan. I wanted to make sure that the people whose care I was going to entrust my recovery to were the right people. So vetting those people was really important to me in making sure that I was going to get the best care possible. I quit thinking about being fearful and I started thinking about going forward with my life and, knowing that I had confidence in the treatment plan, that I would be without cancer soon. And so that was the movie that I kept running through my head.

When I think about talking to my friends and helping them to understand my disease state, it had a big impact on them. They all went off and got a PSA test, as an example. I shared my concern for them and they did take care of themselves. And then they spread the word on that to other people that they knew because they didn’t think it could happen to me either. And so when they heard that, it was a shock to them and they made sure that they got out and really started looking after their health.

I really began to be hopeful after my first check-up three months after my surgery when I did get my blood work back and found out that my PSA level was undetectable. So it was a great moment for me too and it was a ‘Wow!’ And I breathed and relaxed for really the first time in a long time. And I couldn’t wait to – I was making a list of people to call and let know that I had gotten this good news.

I guess, for me, it’s very personal when I think about what M. D. Anderson and the Cancer Center will bring to the Phoenix area because it – really it speaks to individuals. I have friends who are very excited. I have a friend who’s far along in her bout with cancer and she would love to have that Center open at this point in time, but it’s not. Yet it provided her hope. She’s really excited. And that’s part of what excites me about it—is knowing that there’s individuals out there who need the treatment now and may need the treatment in the future, that can look to M. D. Anderson and the Banner Cancer Center as a place to go to get the kind of comfort that I got when I understood that the plan that I had in place and began to become confident during my recovery.”

Audio:  Closing Music

Image/Text:  Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

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