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Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center: Details - Full Transcription

Audio: Opening music over titles.

Text:   Split Screen:
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Making Cancer History
A New Level of Cancer Care
Text:   Andrew Schorr
Host, Patient Power
Author, The Web-Savvy Patient

Images: Andrew Schorr speaks on-camera
Exterior and Interior images of MD Anderson Cancer Center

Audio:  “Hello. I’m medical journalist, Andrew Schorr and I was treated for leukemia at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, consistently ranked as America’s number one cancer center. Now we have the new Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Gilbert, Arizona. Let’s see some specifics of how this new center brings a new, unprecedented level of cancer care to Arizona.”

Text:   Michael Bianchi
Associate Administrator
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Image:  Michael Bianchi speaks on-camera

Audio:  “I am very excited. I grew up in Houston, Texas, had the opportunity to see the Texas Medical Center grow and flourish, as well as MD Anderson. I’ve had family members treated at MD Anderson with exceptional results. My wife and I both worked at MD Anderson prior to transitioning to Banner here. This was an opportunity to where we can really take the technology, the science and the research from Texas and literally transplant it to the best of our ability in Arizona. There’s nothing more fulfilling that that.”

Text:   Coordinated Care at a Single Center

Text:  Pam Nenaber
Chief Executive Officer
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Images: Pam Nenaber, speaks on-camera
Treatment areas in MD Anderson Cancer Center

Audio:  “Well, let’s say somebody just had a new diagnosis and the first thing they’d do is take a look at that and investigate it and evaluate it and read things on the web. And then, probably like their care has been in the past, they’d go to one physician and then they might go to another and then to another. But here, what will be different is as they come, all the different kinds of care, whether it be the medical part, the surgical part or the radiation oncology part, all those people are talking together with you about your care and will make it as coordinated as they can for you.”

Text:  Vicki Koceja, RN, Ph.D.
Clinical Administrative Director
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Image:  Vicki Koceja speaks on-camera

Audio:  “The hematologist, oncologist, the surgeon, the radiation oncology physician, as well as the nurses that will care for that patient, the pharmacist that will care for the patient..”

Text:  Clinical Navigators for Every Patient

Audio (Cont.): “…everyone’s going to be involved at the table in really offering, ‘Here’s your next step. Do you agree to that next step?’ Or, ‘How can we support you in the decisions that you want to make surrounding that treatment?”

Images: Vicki Koceja
Images of MD Anderson Cancer Center

Andrew Schorr VO:  “Vicki Koceja has been an oncology nurse for 28 years. Now she says she has the dream job of supervising eight clinical navigators, who provide guidance and support for each patient and each family member that chooses Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center.”

Image:  Vicki Koceja, speaks on-camera

Audio:  “And it’s not just the treatment, if you will. It’s really about mind, body, spirit. So we not only have the health care team, but we also have that supportive care team through chaplains, social workers, the nurses themselves that bring their experience to the table. I think all of that support for the patient really helps them to get through what sometimes is a struggle.”

Image: Andrew Schorr interviews Michael Bianchi

Andrew Schorr VO:  “Michael Bianchi, one of the Administrators of the Center, knows patients and families also need financial guidance and support.”

Michael Bianchi: “It is about peace of mind. When the patient comes here, the financial component is not something that they need to sit and worry about. Their primary goal is to beat their disease. So when they come in, they will meet with the clinical navigator, explain to them the process of becoming a patient here: what it means to become a patient here and what they may expect. At the same time, though, they do meet with the financial navigator.”

Image:  Photo of Dr. Edgardo Rivera

Andrew Schorr VO:  “Dr. Edgardo Rivera, a breast cancer specialist, is Medical Director. He spent 12 years on the team at MD Anderson in Houston and he’s been extremely selective in putting together the medical team at this new Center.”

Text:  Quality Cancer Care

Text:  Edgardo Rivera, MD
Medical Director 
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Image:  Edgardo speaks on-camera

Dr. Rivera Audio:  “It has taken some time to be able to hire some of the physicians that we need, even though we had that really large number of applicants. The reason being simply because we’re really looking for people who are really well trained, people who can offer that quality of patient care, people who will be recognized in their fields, whether it’s medical oncology, hematology or surgery, people who will understand the MD Anderson philosophy. To me, that is extremely important. And people that understand that we’re not here really to make a profit, that that’s not the drive, that’s not what we want here, we want physicians who are interested in excellence in patient care, who are interested about research, who are interested also in being able to bring the same quality of care that is in Houston, that will have the same quality of care here. And that patients can feel comfortable in their treatment.”

Text:  Access to the Latest Treatment Plans

Image:  Pam Nenaber speaks on-camera

Audio:  “MD Anderson has been in business for 70 years so they have all kinds of folks and all kinds of sub-specializations of people that are on-site. Well, when we start out, we can’t have all that sub-specialization but what we do have is the connectivity back to Houston, back to Anderson. So we have, actually, all of those subspecialists at our fingertips, not just on-site. If it’s imaging to look at, if it’s pathology, then we are so connected with MD Anderson that they are our collaborators on that care as well. So that was the whole idea behind this. It’s not sitting here by itself but there’s daily collaboration and tumor boards and multidisciplinary care teams with the people from Houston.” 

Image:  Interior of MD Anderson entrance area and treatment facilities

Andrew Schorr VO:  “Another advantage of the connection between Arizona and Houston will be access to clinical trials for patients who come to Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. As science makes progress, it brings Arizona cancer patients closer to the science with potential benefit for their own care.”

Image:  Pam Nenaber speaks on-camera

Audio:  “That’s one of the keys for the relationship with MD Anderson..”

Text:  Access to the Latest Research

Audio (cont’d):  “…so we’ll be able to participate when their principal investigators are starting that research in the Houston area. As we have the appropriate population, we’ll be able to be a part of that trial. We’ll have those interested physicians that want to do the same thing here. They’ll be the principal investigator here and others will be a part of that trial. So the beauty of getting to being part of the clinical trials, being in a cancer institute and all of the associations to be in that cohort of people, just is a huge benefit that has never yet been available to the people of Phoenix.”

Text:  A Totally Positive Atmosphere

Andrew Schorr VO:  “What are adjectives that you would use when you think of MD Anderson?”

Text:  Judith Wolf, MD
Chief of Surgery
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Image:  Judith Wolf, speaks on-camera, interspersed with images of the Center

Audio:  “Complete, caring, individual, holistic. Those are the things that I think about. I remember the first day, when I was interviewing for Fellowship training at MD Anderson and I walked in the front door and I didn’t know where I was going. And the housekeeper said, ‘Can I help you?’ And somebody else said, ‘Do you know where you’re going? Can I help you?’ And immediately there was a warmth. Maybe warmth is another feeling. And then understanding that everybody who worked there was there for the purpose of making the life of a cancer patient better and helping them get well. And now I have the opportunity of being part of expanding that beyond Houston and offering the same kind of cancer care here to people in the Phoenix area. I’m so excited to be able to make a difference and get started and really help the people that come here to live with, live through their cancer treatment and live on to have the best life that they can.”

Image:  Andrew Schorr speaks on-camera

Audio:  “Fighting cancer today requires a partnership of caring doctors, nurses, medical staff, patients and their families. Real progress is being made as we all come together and you can feel that right here at the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, bringing a new unprecedented level of cancer care to Arizona. I’m Andrew Schorr.” 

Audio: Closing music.

Text:  Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Making Cancer History

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