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Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center: Banner Overview - Full Transcription

Audio: Opening music over titles.

Text:   Split Screen: Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Making Cancer History

A New Level of Cancer Care
Text:   Andrew Schorr
Host, Patient Power
Author, The Web-Savvy Patient

Images: Andrew Schorr speaks on-camera
Exterior and Interior images of MD Anderson Cancer Center

Audio:  “Hello. I’m medical journalist and 16-year leukemia survivor, Andrew Schorr and I was treated successfully at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, consistently ranked as America’s number one cancer center. And I am thrilled to be standing in the new Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, just outside Phoenix, serving the people of Arizona and the region in bringing state-of-the-art medicine and a new level of cancer care for you and your family.”

Text:   Missy Lagomarsino
Cancer of the Appendix
Treated at MF Anderson, Houston

Image:  Missy Lagomarsino speaks on-camera

Audio:  “MD Anderson means hope. It means the possibility of a future. It means dreams. It means a chance to see my children grow up and spend time with them and family. It’s inspiration.”

Images: Photos of Missy Lagomarsino, and family, in earlier years

Andrew Schorr VO:  “Missy Lagomarsino’s stomach pain was misdiagnosed as a fatal form of advanced colon cancer. When a second doctor correctly diagnosed it as an ultra rare cancer of the appendix and treatable, she went to where they had the most experience: MD Anderson.”

Image:  Missy Lagomarsino speaks on-camera

Audio:  “They saved my life, absolutely. I tell everyone I would not be here today if it weren’t for MD Anderson.”

Images: Exterior images of MD Anderson Cancer Center

Andrew Schorr VO:  “Missy is excited her home city and region now have access to the specialized care she received in Houston.”

Image:  Missy Lagomarsino speaks on-camera

Audio:  “When you’re coming somewhere where these doctors have seen absolutely everything in the world of cancer, you know you have your best opportunity for the best possible outcome.”

Text:   Pam Nenaber
Chief Executive Officer
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Images: Pam Nenaber speaks on-camera

Audio:  “Phoenix is a very large metropolitan area that doesn’t have coordinated cancer care. We kind of say it’s rather fragmented here in the metropolitan area. So what’s really the hallmark of what we’re bringing is a coordinated on-one-particular-site with wonderful physicians, with great protocols with a well renowned institution—bringing that here, really, to the East Valley but it senses a destination site. It will be really to Phoenix and perhaps the entire State.”

Image:  Photo of Dr. Judith Wolf

Andrew Schorr VO:  “Gynecologic cancer specialist, Dr. Judith Wolf, is Chief of Surgery here after 20 years at MD Anderson in Houston.”

Text:   Judith Wolf, MD
Chief of Surgery
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Image:  Judith Wolf, MD, speaks on-camera

Audio:  “For me, the exciting part of Banner MD Anderson is starting something new. MD Anderson in Houston is now 70 years old and now I have the opportunity of being part of expanding that beyond Houston and offering the same kind of cancer care here to people in the Phoenix area and the west coast that is offered in Houston. You walk in the front door and somebody says, ‘Can I help you? Let me help you get to your appointments. Let me show you where you need to go.’ And the people you meet— the nurses, the doctors, all the caregivers—all understand, number one, you’re scared to death and you’re not going to hear everything we have to you today so we’ll give you what you can hear and we’ll repeat it if you need it repeated. We’ll try to answer all of your questions. We’re here to help you and your family and your friends get through this.”

Image: Ma speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “They saved my life. I would think they saved my whole family’s life.”

Images: Photo of Ma

Narration Audio:  “Karissa Ma was treated for breast cancer at MD Anderson at age 32, just shortly after her wedding in Houston. She’s now living in Phoenix and has a new baby.”

Text:   Karissa Ma
Breast Cancer Survivor
Treated at MD Anderson, Houston

Images: Karissa Ma speaks on-camera

Audio:  “But just knowing that now MD Anderson is in my backyard, God forbid anything was to happen, if I had any questions, knowing that I can get in my car and now just drive down here, being a cancer survivor, gives me so much peace of mind just knowing they’re here and they’re in my backyard and that they’re ready for me shall I ever need them.”

Image: Image:  Judith Wolf, M.D., speaks on-camera

Audio:  “We do everything as a team approach. One of the great things we have in Houston and we’re going to have here is that all the doctors that take of you meet together, face to face, and talk about what’s the best treatment for you. Not what’s the best treatment for breast cancer or what’s the best treatment for colon cancer or what’s the best treatment for prostate cancer or leukemia. What’s the best treatment for your cancer that you have? And when you get a group of, I’ll say, experts together, you get a lot of opinions but you get a lot of ideas that you wouldn’t get if you have one doctor working in isolation or three doctors working separately in isolation. The main treatments for cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. And when you get people from all of those fields discussing the options, in addition with the radiologist who look at the films for us and the pathologists who look at the slides and tell us about the tumor, you can get a lot more information and make a better decision to treat the patient.”

Text:  Annette Mattern
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

Image:  Annette Mattern speaks on-camera

Audio:  “Everything that we are seeing now in terms of this valley becoming a center for first class cancer care is happening. It’s unveiling itself right before our eyes so it’s a very exciting time to be here.”    

Text:  Edgardo Rivera, MD
Medical Director 
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Image:  Edgardo speaks on-camera

Audio Q:  “Can they feel that state-of-the-art cancer care is brought to bare for them?” 

Dr. Rivera Audio:  “Definitely. I mean, state-of-the-art when it comes to diagnostics, when it comes to treatment options, they’re going to be able to receive that here. So when it comes also to be able to participate in clinical trials, we’re going to have that available here. Just like at MD Anderson in Houston, we’ll have the same at Banner MD Anderson in Gilbert.”
Image:  Photo of Angela Hamilton

Audio:  “Angela Hamilton was 36 when diagnosed with breast cancer and genetic predisposition for that disease and ovarian cancer as well. Access to research gives her peace of mind for herself and also for her children.” 

Text:  Angela Hamilton
Breast Cancer Survivor 

Image:  Angela Hamilton speaks on-camera

Audio:  “Because the more research that my daughter and my son have in regard to cancer care and their options, so it’s not just about myself. So anything we can draw in to and have a bigger database for that, it’s a win for me.”

Text:  Jim Brewer
Executive Director 
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society / Desert Mountain States Chapter

Image:  Jim Brewer speaks on-camera

Audio:  “Having a facility like the Banner MD Anderson Center available here in the Valley for patients, for research, for clinical trials—that’s just going to help advance the cause of what we all hope will someday be cures for all cancers. But especially for us, at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, finding those cures for blood cancers.”

Image:  Photo of Pat Elliott

Narration Audio:  “While Pat Elliott’s leukemia isn’t cured, it is under control with break-through medicine. But at some point, that medicine could become less effective. What then?”

Text:  Pat Elliott
Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) 

Image:  Pat Elliott speaks on-camera

Audio:  “There are a handful of places in the whole country I would go to for the expertise needed to take care of that so that I would live. And MD Anderson in Houston has been at the top of my list ever since I made the list. And now it’s coming to Arizona.”

Image:  Pam Nenaber, on-camera

Audio Q:  “So, are you excited about this as an addition?”

Audio A:  “Can you tell I’m excited about this? Yes, I mean we haven’t had anything like this. The population deserves this kind of coordinated care—cancer care.”

Image:  Missy Lagomarsino, on-camera

Missy Lagomarsino:  “And although there are many, many wonderful physicians and surgeons in our community, this just takes the level o car and expertise to an entirely new level.” 

Image:  Lantern of Hope

Andrew Schorr:  “The Lantern of Hope shines from the Center as a symbol of what this place and its people are all about. ‘Hope’ here stands for helping oncology patients be empowered.”

Image:  Andrew Schorr, on-camera

Audio:  “They are dedicated to working with you and your family to prevent cancer, to cure if it develops and, if it can’t be cured, then to fight it so strongly so that you can go on with your life for many years. As they say here, bringing an unprecedented level of cancer care to Arizona and this region. I bet you’ll agree. I’m Andrew Schorr.”

Audio: Closing music.

Text:  Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Making Cancer History

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