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Cancer prevention consultation opportunities


Currently, consultations are available at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Prevention Program for high risk patients, or those receiving genetic counseling.

Patients can meet with an exercise physiologist, registered dietitian, integrative social worker or psychologist.

An exercise physiologist will develop a comprehensive plan that meets the American Cancer Society’s guidelines for cancer prevention which involves 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week. The exercise physiologist will provide tips and work closely with each patient to determine the best physical activity plan utilizing an individualized approach that may include yoga, walking, swimming or chair exercises. 

At the consultation, a registered dietitian will create a comprehensive nutritional plan that will incorporate a whole food, plant-based diet. Research from the American Cancer Society shows that cancer patients benefit from reducing or eliminating processed and refined grains and meats from their diets. Various nutrition series and lectures are also available throughout the year for the community.     

The integrative social worker can assist with stress reduction and provide tools for mind and body relaxation, and tips for pain management.

A psychologist is available to counsel patients on a variety of mental health concerns, including providing coping mechanisms and ways to address and reduce anxiety.

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