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Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center provides integrative health consults for individuals at risk for cancer, patients undergoing cancer treatment and cancer survivors. This integrative oncology program is made possible by a generous gift from the James M. Cox Foundation.

Integrative oncology combines conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine techniques that show medical evidence for safety and effectiveness. It strives to support each person’s individual healing abilities using such techniques as self-empowerment, individual responsibility and lifestyle changes that could improve cancer outcomes and quality of life.

Consultations are provided by Santosh Rao, MD and Lynn Schuster, ACNP-BC.

Integrative Oncology Consults
People who are in active cancer treatment can benefit from an integrative oncology consult. This consult is performed by an oncologist who understands how to safely integrate appropriate complementary and alternative medicine techniques with ongoing treatment.

Cancer survivors who have completed treatment may also benefit from integrative oncology. There are many options to reduce ongoing side effects following cancer treatment.

The integrative oncology consult will include:

  • Review of supplements and complementary and alternative medicine interventions
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Physical activity/exercise assessment
  • Mind/body assessment (stress management)
  • Individual, group and/or caregiver support
  • A supportive and caring environment

Our integrative oncology team relies on a variety of evidence-based techniques to assist patients with side effect management. Recommendations may include :

  • Acupuncture for pain, nausea, fatigue, neuropathy or anxiety/stress reduction
  • Individualized approach to symptom management and supportive care
  • Spiritual assessments
  • Meditation and breath work consults for relaxation and stress reduction

At Risk Consults
Consults for people at risk for cancer provide an opportunity to review personal cancer risks and prevention strategies. The consult may include:

  • Individual specific risk assessment
  • Screening & prevention recommendations specific to risk assessment
  • Research programs/protocols that are available for high risk individuals based on genetic assessment or risk modeling
  • Focus on prevention  with attention to potential side effects of preventive therapy

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