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Our Social Services Sustainability Program offers a comprehensive set of programs and services that address a number of issues affecting Sun City area seniors.

They include:

  • Benefits CheckUp: Benefits CheckUp screenings assist seniors or disabled persons 55 or older in finding and enrolling in programs and services to sustain their quality of life.
  • Personal Needs: Banner Olive Branch’s Personal Needs Program is a special program just for Sun City residents who are in crisis offering financial assistance.  Funding is provided by Valley of the Sun United Way/Sun City Community Fund.
  • Health Insurance: State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Benefits Assistance Program. These programs offer information, assistance and counseling on Social Security, Medicare and other insurance issues.
  • Legal Assistance: Legal Assistance is offered pro-bono to area residents who can make scheduled appointments with an attorney at the center.
  • Arizona Attorney General’s Satellite Office: Volunteers from the Arizona Attorney General’s office are available inside the Center to help seniors with consumer fraud issues, scams and identity theft concerns.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: If you come to the center for lunch or other activities, you can make contact with an Ambassador volunteer or the Social Services Sustainability Program Coordinator.

Question: What is an Ambassador volunteer?

Answer: Ambassador volunteers are Banner Olive Branch’s first contact volunteers and they familiarize people with the Center's services and programs.

The Ambassador will have you fill out a client contact form, answer any questions you might have about the program and refer your request to the appropriate program(s) for follow-up.

Question: If I don’t come to the center, can I still participate in the Social Services Sustainability programs?

Answer: The answer is yes.  Anyone interested in participating or learning more about  Social Services programs can contact the center by calling (623) 465-6000 and leave a message for the Social Services Coordinator.

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