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Are You a "Stress Manager?"


Kids Can Cope

Life sure changes when your parent gets cancer. Suddenly everybody's worried and your mom or dad has lots of doctor's appointments. Maybe he or she feels sick or sleeps a lot at home. If your other parent lives with you maybe they are grumpy or extra busy. Any way you look at it cancer causes stress. What is stress anyway? It's hard to describe but you know when you feel it. You worry a lot or get grouchy. Maybe your stomach or head hurts or you have a hard time sleeping. Maybe it's hard to concentrate at school. What are you doing to take care of yourself during this stressful time? Take our quiz and see how you're doing.

Using a separate sheet of paper, write down your scores based on how often you experience each of these things. Write down your score for each question.

Question Usually Sometimes Never
Do you eat a healthy breakfast? 2 1 0
Do you get nine hours of sleep? 2 1 0
Do you talk to a friend or someone in your family about things that are worrying you? 2 1 0
Do you get some kind of exercise every day? 2 1 0
Do you eat healthy foods for snacks? 2 1 0
Do you do something that relaxes you every day? 2 1 0
When something makes you mad do you talk to someone about it? 2 1 0

Special Question:
How often you do get sick with stuff like colds, flu, stomach aches or headaches?
Every two months or less often             2
About once a month 1
More than once a month 0

When you're finished, add up all the numbers you circled, and find out the "Stress Manager" results!

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