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Banner Thunderbird offers another form of Complementary Therapy in the form of Aromatherapy.

KIts containing five aromatherapy blends are located in the medication rooms on units in these areas:

  • Progressive Care
  • Med-Surgical
  • Observation
  • Behavioral Health
  • Emergency

The five blends have been created to help with patients' (or staff members) anxiety, nausea, pain, drowsiness, or insomnia, based on their assessed needs.

Research supports the use of aromatherapy to relieve these areas of discomfort for patients. Patients report increased comfort with no allergies or reactions to the essential oil blends used for aromatherapy. 

Your nurse, nurse assistants, and Emergency department technicians have been trained in the administration of aromatherapy for inhalation and hand or foot massage. 

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