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Day of the Surgery

pediatric patient at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, Glendale, Arizona  
At Banner Thunderbird Children’s Center, our surgical team is ready to assist your family the moment you arrive at the hospital.

A team of experts will be with you to answer any questions and walk you from registration through recovery. 

Arrival/Check- in

Please arrive two hours prior to your child’s scheduled surgery. If your insurance provider requires a co-payment or deductible, you will be asked to pay at check-in. If unsure of what you will owe, contact financial services for more detailed information.

Pre-op Department

After completing registration, your child will be escorted to the Pre-Operative Department, or pre-op, on the second floor. One of the pre-op staff members will check your child's vital signs.

The nurse will review your child’s health and medical history. You will need to sign the surgical consent form prior to your child’s surgery.

Meeting the health care team

Your child’s Banner Thunderbird surgeon, anesthesiologist and the pre-op and operating room nurses will introduce themselves in the pre-operative area. During this meeting, they will explain the surgery and anesthesia. Please ask questions or bring up any concerns you may have.

Before surgery, notify your pre-op nurse if you have a special request. In addition, our Child Life Specialists can meet with your child. We encourage you to bring a favorite comfort item that your child can take with them into surgery. You can stay with your child until they go to the operating room and will be reunited with them following surgery.
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