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Going into the OR

pediatric patient at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center  

When it is time for your child's surgery, you and your child will be greeted in the Pre-Op waiting area by a registered nurse (RN) who will complete a Pre-Operative checklist to ensure your child’s safety. 

This is a good time to ask any questions you may have before your child is transported to their surgical suite.

At this time you will meet the anesthesiologist who is responsible to keep your child asleep during the operation and keep your child pain free. He will answer your questions.

The holding room nurse will start an IV only if your child is an adolescent. All younger children have their IV started in the operating room after they are asleep and cannot feel it. You will also see your surgeon here and have a chance to ask him additional questions. Your surgeon may mark the site of your child’s surgery with a soft pen.  

There are a variety of ways we can transport your child into the surgical area, including on a bed, in a wagon or on a riding toy from the surgical pre-op area. Children are encouraged to bring a beloved toy or blanket with them. Your child will never be alone.

Once in the surgical suite, your child will be surrounded by a child-friendly team of professionals. We engage their natural sense of curiosity and encourage them to ask questions and participate in their hospital experience.  Warm blankets, a familiar item from home, stickers and “flavored masks” all contribute to making your child feel at ease.

The anesthesiologist will make sure that your child is “asleep” and comfortable throughout the procedure. For lengthy procedures, the nurse with your child may provide telephone updates to keep you informed.
Following the procedure, your child is accompanied to the recovery room or the next level of care required.


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