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Within two days before a scheduled surgery, you should be contacted by a Banner Thunderbird Children’s Center surgical nurse for pre-admission.

During the pre-admission interview, you will be asked questions about your child’s health, allergies and current medications.

Inform us of any medical issues

It is important to inform the surgical nurse if your child has a cold, cough, fever, pink eye (conjunctivitis), chicken pox, measles or has recently been exposed to chicken pox or measles. We must know this before you arrive for surgery to protect your child and other patients from highly contagious illnesses.

Inform us of guardianship issues

Parents must inform the pre-admission nurse of any foster care or custody issues so we may obtain consent from the appropriate legal guardian. Lack of consent could delay or cancel the child's surgery. Please call (480) 412-6016 regarding any of these situations and be prepared to bring or FAX all relevant paperwork to the hospital.

During the preadmission interview

There may be special instructions depending on your child’s medical background, the nature of the procedure, etc. It is important, at this time, that you let us know if there are special needs for your child or family member, including translation, interpretation or any other special needs.

The nurse also can answer any questions you might have at this time. If you have additional questions, you can call the pre-admission nurse at (add number) or contact your child's surgeon's office.
There could be restrictions to your child's diet prior to and following surgery. Follow all dietary restrictions provided by the nurse or, for a general rule of thumb, follow the guidelines provided here:

  • Fatty or fried food: Eight hours fasting pre-surgery
  • Full liquids, milk: Six hours fasting pre-surgery
  • Breast milk (infants): Four hours fasting pre-surgery
  • Clear liquids: Two hours fasting pre-surgery

All pre-tests (X-rays, lab work, etc.) should be completed at least two days before the scheduled surgery. Some pre-tests can be administered at the hospital while others may require an outside facility. If the test is done through a primary care physician and not your pediatric surgeon, please request a copy of the results be sent to the surgeon or bring a copy with you the day of surgery.

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