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Preparing for an overnight stay

pediatric patient at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, Glendale, Arizona  

The Banner Thunderbird Children’s Center team wants to make you and your child as comfortable as possible. If your child will be staying overnight, we offer a few helpful hints for a restful night’s stay:

Familiarity is crucial when making your child feel comfortable in the hospital. Banner Thunderbird encourages parents to bring a child’s favorite small toys, blanket, books and music to the hospital. 
Also, bring your child’s favorite sippy cup and snack – but be sure to check with your Banner Thunderbird health professionals to be sure it is on your child’s diet.

Pack what you will need while staying in the hospital. While Banner Thunderbird’s skilled team does their best to care for your child, your presence is needed as well.

A parent or guardian is welcome to stay with the child. However, Banner Thunderbird cannot allow the entire family to stay in the room, For extended family, we are pleased to provide a list of nearby lodging.


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