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Robotic Gynecological Surgery

women who can benefit from robotic surgery at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center  

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center's robotic surgery program offers minimally invasive gynecological surgery, with faster recovery times and less scarring.

Our robotic-surgery approach to hysterectomy provides a way for you to get back to your normal routine faster and easier.

We have a number of specially trained surgeons who expertly perform this gynecological procedure.

Removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) is the second most common surgery in the U.S.  Robotic surgery is an excellent option for this procedure because it allows the surgeon easier access to the area, critical when working around delicate structures like the bladder.

 Make an appointment with one of our expert surgeons:

5757 W. Thunderbird Road, Suite W-202, Glendale, AZ
(602) 678-1111

  • Maria Josefa Apigo, MD
  • David Kaufman, MD

5757 W. Thunderbird Road, Suite E-157, Glendale, AZ
(602) 393-2450

  • David Chisholm, D.O.
  • Padma Tummala, MD

5310 W. Thunderbird Road, Suite 308, Glendale AZ
(623) 412-2229

  • Scott Gulinson, MD

6525 W. Sack Drive, Suite 201, Glendale, AZ
(623) 414-3500

  • Marvin Erickson, MD

7787 W. Deer Valley Road, Suite 296, Glendale, AZ
(602) 978-1500

  • Nina Wilkey, MD

5601 W. Eugie Ave., Suite 100, Glendale, AZ
(602) 978-1500

  • Lisa Jaacks, MD
  • Lee Koon, MD
  • Robert Phillips, MD
  • Christine Oehler, MD
  • Lisa Wynn, MD

2222 E. Highland Ave., Suite 400, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 277-4868

  • Shana Wingo, MD
  • Snehalkumar Bhola, MD
  • Matthew Borst, MD
  • Mike Janicek, MD

6525 W. Sack, Suite 208, Glendale, AZ
(623) 414-3500

  • Desiree Brotsky, D.O.

3033 W. Bell Road, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 588-0316

  • Charles Clinch, D.O.

9305 West Thomas Road, suite 550, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 978-1500

  • Erica Montes, MD

3410 N. 4th Ave, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 241-1944

  • Shazia Malik, MD
  • Paul Marshburn, MD
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
5555 W. Thunderbird Road
Glendale, AZ 85306
(602) 865-5555
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