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Urological Robotic Surgery

robotic urological surgery at Banner Thunderbird  

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center offers a minimally invasive option for urological problems with our robotic surgery program.

Our specially trained surgeons can make dime-sized incisions that mean less pain and a faster recovery time.

Specifically, Banner Thunderbird surgeons can perform:

  • Removal of the bladder (cystectomy): Removal of all or part of the bladder and possibly the removal of nearby lymph nodes and organs that may contain cancer
  • Removal of a small renal tumor (partial nephrectomy):  Robotic surgery allows the tumor to be removed while  preserving the remainder of the kidney.
  • Removal of blocked ureter: Removes part of blocked ureter and reconnects the ureter and kidney.


5750 W. Thunderbird Road, Suite B-200, Glendale, AZ
(602) 375-1700

  • Paul Block, MD
  • Philip Koi, MD 
  • Christopher Stewart, MD

18699 N. 67th Ave., Suite 230, Glendale, AZ
(623) 935-5522

  • Shawn Blick, MD
  • Lynn Blunt, MD
  • Vi Hua, MD
  • Pankaj Jain, MD
  • Prabhakar Pandey, MD
  • Torre Rhoades, MD

5757 W. Thunderbird Road, Suite W-406, Glendale, AZ
(623) 512-4390

  • Prabhakar Pandey, MD
  • Pankaj Jain, MD

 5757 W. Thunderbird Road, Suite W-406, Glendale, AZ
(623) 865-4011

  • Philip Gleason, MD (Pediatric Urology)

19636 N. 27th Ave., Suite 308, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 357-2400

  • Howard Tay, MD
  • Roscoe Nelson, MD
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
5555 W. Thunderbird Road
Glendale, AZ 85306
(602) 865-5555
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