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Surgical Area

surgery at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, Glendale, AZ  

The departments at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center that make up our Surgical Care Area include the pre-op holding unit, the operating rooms, the post-anesthesia care unit and the sterile processing unit. The caregivers who comprise these units work together and with the surgeons, anesthesiologists and other health care professionals to provide the best surgical experience possible. 

Pre-op Holding
Patients will be escorted to this area after reporting to admitting.

Operating Room
Banner Thunderbird has 11 operating rooms, including specialty rooms for such surgical procedures as general, urology, gynecology, otolaryngology, orthopedics, endovascular and neurosurgery, as well as two cardiovascular surgery suites. 

Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Patients recover in this area. All caregivers are trained in adult and pediatric advanced life support, as well as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Nursing personnel work with physicians and other health care providers to ensure a successful recovery period and safe transfer to an inpatient unit.

Sterile Processing Department
The sterile processing department is a little-known hospital area. These sterilization professionals are dedicated to ensuring that all of the instruments, equipment and supplies utilized in the operating room are completely germ-free and sterile for all surgeries performed.

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