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Tristan's Story

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Banner Health: Tristan Story  - Full Transcription

Image:   Mother holding iPad, with 3-year-old Tristan selecting responses to her questions.

Mom Audio:   “What’s your name?”

iPad Audio:  “My name is Tristan.”

Mom Audio:  “How old are you?”

iPad Audio:  “I am three years old.”

Mom Audio:  “Who do you love?”

iPad Audio:  “I love the Dallas Cowboys.”

Mom Audio:  “Wow.”

Audio:  Background music during video.

Text:   Raising a spunky three year old boy can be quite a challenge.

Images: Mom holds photo of Tristan as a baby, being held by his father. Varying images of Tristan, Mom and Dad during ‘together’ time.

Mom Audio:   “Well, Tristan is the light of my life. He is everything rolled up into one that I never thought I wanted but that I needed. He does those things that, as a parent, you’re not supposed to smile or laugh about, such as burping at the dinner table. He looks at you, opens his mouth and lets out this long burp and smiles. And it’s so reassuring to see him exercising his brain and trying to get that smile out of you that he knows is in there.”

Dad Audio:  “He’s got an awesome personality. That’s the only way I can put it, I think. Not only with his parents but with his friends and everybody. He’s a good kid and he’s my everything.”

Text:   But when that little boy has special needs, the challenges can be daunting.

Images: Tristan with medical specialists. Varying images with parents, enjoying more ‘together time.’

Mom Audio:  “At one point in time, we were told that he would never walk or talk. And, about a year ago, he started walking and so now we’re very slowly working on the talking. Things that aren’t normal are all the developmental things on the inside. He’s got myelin delay. He’s got hypotonic cerebral palsy. He’s got autism. And the other thing that’s not normal about Tristan is that he doesn’t let any of that stop him.”

Text:   Then came the difficult news. Tristan needed open heart surgery.

Images: Tristan keeps entertained with various ‘favorites’ in his home and one-on-one time with Dad.

Mom Audio: “When he was three weeks old, his primary care physician noticed a heart murmur. So we started going to a Cardiologist and they said he had a fenestrated atrial septal defect. They said, by the age of four, it should close up. In the three years they’ve been monitoring, the holes have not closed up.  So we are at the point where we have to do an open heart surgery because, if it is not done, when he gets older, the blood flow between the chambers of his heart will cause pulmonary hypertension and eventually death.

Text:   It was time to find the right care, and the right team of professionals.

Images: Images of Tristan and medical professionals involved in his care.

Mom Audio:  “I had so many questions. We started with asking friends and our primary care physicians who they would recommend. And so the fact that I have to relinquish my son’s life into somebody else’s hands, I’m not going to take that decision lightly. Poor Dr. Derby. I asked him at the end, “Dr. Derby, are there any questions that I haven’t asked that you would ask if it were your child?” And he said, “Honestly,” he says, “You’ve asked more questions than I think I can even think of.”

Text:   Nobody slept much the night before the big day.

Images: Shots of bedtime in Tristan’s bedroom.

Mom Audio:  “What really started hitting me that night before was: we have a routine that I put him into bed and then he’ll tell me what he wants—whether he wants me to read him a book with his little interactive bears or whether he wants me to sing songs. And so, of course that night, it was singing songs. And just going through that process, in the back of my head, I’m like, ‘Goodness, I don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring. This may be the last time I do this.’ A lot of prayers went out.”

Text:   The big day.

Images: Tristan settles into his hospital room with his parents and medical staff giving him lots of attention.

Mom Audio:  “We took him into the hospital and he was just.... he’s so comfortable there because we had made so many visits. And he has friends there and they were all waiting for him. And then, when they took him in the back, that was really hard because you’re looking at your little boy and he seems perfectly fine. And knowing that they have to fix this hole in his heart, wondering about all the things that could go wrong.”

Text:   Daddy’s little boy.

Images: Dad, dressed in sterile scrubs, carries Tristan to the surgical suite.

Mom Audio:  “The plan for Tristan’s surgery will be that I’ll be going back with him. I’ll be the last one he sees when he’s out and, when he comes to, I’ll be the first one he sees. My wife’s a softy. Well, I’m kind of a softy, too, you know, because I’m an emotional person at times. But when it comes to a situation like this with Tristan, no, I’m staying as strong as possible.”

Text:    Being good together is what the Pastrano family does best.

Images: Many framed photos of Tristan are hung on the wall.
  Tristan spending one-on-one time with Mom and with Dad.

Mom Audio:  “I think that little man in there is what keeps us strong. You know, if you would have asked me, before Tristan was born, if we could handle all this, I would have said, ‘There’s no way I could be a special needs Mom.’ But I’ve come to the realization that God doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle. And I think God gave Tristan to us because...not because Tristan needed us but because we needed Tristan.

Image:  Three-shot of Mom, Dad and Tristan, smiling to camera.

Mom Audio:  “We’re the Pastrano family and this is Tristan. He’s our favorite little person in the whole world.””

Image:  Mom kisses Tristan on his cheek.

Text:   Since undergoing heart surgery, Tristan is happy and healthy, and has even spoken his first words... Mom, Dad, and iPad!

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