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Video: Working With Children

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Pediatric Interviews: Cardon Children’s Medical Center - Full Transcription
Why did you choose to work with children?

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Image:  Image of Cardon Children’s Medical Center 

Text:  Banner Health, Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Text: Why did you choose to work with children?

Text: Dr. Paul Ufberg, Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Image: Dr. Ufberg speaks on-camera
Audio:  “A child really, if they’re sick, they want to get better. And children don’t deal in major concerns, they deal in the immediate. They deal in, ‘I’m sick, I want to get better.’ They don’t care who is going to get them better. And working with a child is really a very enriching experience for both parties.”

Text: Stephanie Offil, Child Life Specialist

Image: Stephanie Offil speaks on-camera

Audio: “I really enjoy getting to work with the patients that are here for a long time. I have a lot of patients who are here for 15 days, 30 days, 45 days. And those patients really – just really work at my heart because when they come here they have no idea what is going on and they are so scared, they are so nervous. And 30 days later, 15 days later, they don’t want to leave.”

Text: Dr. David Curran, Chair, Pediatric Department

Image: Dr. Curran speaks on-camera

Audio: “In medical school and in residency, a lot of people were picking sub-specialties or specialties based upon the diseases and the illness they were treating where I really focused on the patient that I wanted to be treating.”

Text: Lisa Hegarty, Pediatric Respiratory Therapist

Image: Lisa Hegarty speaks on-camera

Audio: “I went into the pediatric field when we first opened the pediatric intensive care unit here and it just kind of sucked me in. Kids are just—you know, they are playful by nature and they are resilient, the outcomes are very good in pediatrics.”

Text: Dr. Eric Ellis, Pediatric Dentist

Image: Dr. Eric Ellis speaks on-camera

Audio: “I knew I wanted to be a – work with children far before I knew I wanted to be a dentist. It just comes easy to me, it’s exciting, it’s rewarding, it’s just natural.”

Text: Melissa Rogers, RN, Neonatal ICU

Image: Melissa Rogers speaks on-camera
Audio: “Probably my perfect day is when I get to hand a mom her baby for the first time that has been too sick to be held.”

Text: Dr. Jay Cook, Pediatric Neurologist

Image: Dr. Jay Cook speaks on-camera

Audio: “The only rotation I never got sick on was pediatrics and so I thought that was a natural and I like children. We took in three children in addition to our own when I was in medical school and raised them and I just like kids.”

Text: Dr. Greg Hrasky, Pediatric Orthopedics

Image: Dr. Hrasky speaks on-camera

Audio: “It’s a tremendous impact on a child’s life if you can improve the mobility, if you can get them over the hurdle of a fracture or acute injury or if you can help them conquer the challenges they may have for years or even longer.”

Text: Dr. Scott Elton, Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Image: Dr. Elton speaks on-camera

Audio: “Children that come in that I take care of generally are pretty ill. And to watch them very sick one day, you’re dying in some cases, and walk out of the hospital in a day or two is pretty rewarding. I mean it’s hard to enjoy more than that.”

Audio: Closing musical tones.

Image:  Image of Cardon Children’s Medical Center 

Text:  Banner Health, Cardon Children’s Medical Center

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