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Future Surgeon: Meet Sophia

Future Surgeon: Meet Sophia  

Name: Sophia

Likes: Reading adventure books, riding my bike, playing my guitar, playing with my little sister, tacos, chocolate cake.

Dislikes: Peanut butter, cats, basketball.

Her story: I’ve always wanted to be a doctor because I’ve had so much experience. I want to be a surgeon like Dr. [Jonathan] Greenfeld.  I have had five surgeries that included tonsil removal, fixing a broken elbow, having my appendix removed and fixing a right inguinal hernia.

Cardon Children’s Medical Center is a wonderful hospital. I think that every child should go there if they are sick.  It’s awesome there! I thought the music class was so much fun.  It was so much fun making music!  I play the guitar.  I really liked the toy closet too. 

My sister and I donated toys to the Oncology floor where I stayed.  All the nurses were really sweet to me.  If I have another surgery, I'm going there.  I want to volunteer at the hospital.  I am going to ask my class to donate toys for children that have to be in the hospital during the holidays.  

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