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Child Life Internship Application


If you are interested in applying for a Child Life Internship at Cardon Children's Medical Center, please mail in the following documents listed below. We currently follow the Internship Offer and Acceptance Dates set by the Child Life Council. All internship packets must be postmarked by the application deadline.

Please send completed packets to:

Cardon Children’s Medical Center
Erin Sinnema - 2nd Floor (Pediatric ICU)
1400 S. Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ  85202

Internship application packets must include

  1. Common Child Life Internship Application
  2. Resume with cover letter
    - Outline your academic and clinical experiences
  3. Three letters of recommendation
    - One letter must be from a Certified Life Specialist. Other should preferably be from faculty supervisors, employers or advisors who have directly observed and can assess your work with children, parents and professionals.
  4. College transcripts
    - Must include current college transcripts with cumulative GPA  (official transcipts not required)
  5. Copy of Completed Eligibility Assessment from the Child Life Council.

Selection Process
After the application deadline passes, all complete applications will be reviewed and screened by the Child Life Internship Committee. Applicants meeting or exceeding requirements may be contacted to schedule a phone, webcam or onsite interview. If not selected for an interview, you will be notified by an email.

Selection of interns is highly competitive. The criteria below heavily influence our decision in the selection process.

They are as follows, in no particular order:

  • High level of academic achievement
  • College major and depth of core classes
  • Completion of Child Life Practicum
  • Strength of Letters of Recommendation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Competence in knowledge of child development, child life theory and the hospitalized child
  • Background in working with children in various settings
  • 100-plus hours volunteering with hospitalized children

**Please note that at this time we only take independent child life students.

Cardon Children's Medical Center
1400 S. Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 412-KIDS (5437)
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