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Nehal's Story

Learn about Nehal's NICU experience at Cardon Children's Medical Center  

We were first patients of the NICU at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in 2006. We had a son named OM (means peace) that was born premature at 26 weeks. He survived for a month before he passed on due to premature complications. We had such great support from the doctors and nurses in the NICU. 

When we were expecting our twins in 2007 I knew exactly where I wanted to be. Our twins Shivani & Saanvi were born at 33 weeks due to reverse blood flow in the Umbilical cord which put pressure on the baby’s head and heart.  We were given such great service and were released from the NICU after a month. As everyone knows your job isn’t done after giving birth to babies it’s just the beginning….adding prematurity into the mix and you have a lot of responsibilities ahead of you. 

The twins are now 5 years old, and despite having ongoing therapies for Shivani, both of them are smart, happy, healthy little girls.

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