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The NICU Team

NICU Care Team  

At Cardon Children's, there are many people who are involved in the care of your baby.  Although we work as a team, each team member has specific skills to help and support your baby.  You will not see all members of the team every day. 

Your baby’s plan of care is discussed daily by the physician/nurse practitioner and bedside nurse.  This discussion is called “Rounds”. Every week, your baby’s care team members gather to discuss his long-term plan of care. This meeting is called “Grand Rounds”.  You are welcome to attend these weekly Grand Rounds; just ask your baby’s nurse what day of the week this meeting is scheduled. 

To increase your comfort, we offer Primary Care Nursing, nurses who will help provide consistency and  familiarity for you and your baby throughout his stay.  If you are interested in Primary Care Nursing, ask  your bedside nurse or team leader for more information.

Team members and professionals you may meet during your stay:

  • Case Management - A professional who coordinates discharge planning such as assisting with insurance issues,   appointments as needed with various doctors and equipment rentals as needed
  • Chaplain - Available for spiritual support as requested by parents.
  • Clinical Managers:  Nurse leaders who are in charge of the overall operations of the NICU. 
  • Cuddlers – Volunteers who are trained to provide comfort to the babies as requested and supervised by the baby’s nurse.
  • Developmental Specialist - A nurse who is specially trained to observe and interpret the behavior of premature and sick newborns and to assist parents as they work to recognize their baby’s signals of readiness or stress.
  • Health Care Team - Consists of some or all of the people listed here, contributing to the plan of care for your baby.
  • Lactation Consultant - An RN who is board-certified in lactation.  They are available to answer your questions and support your breastfeeding needs throughout your baby’s NICU stay. 
  • Neonatologist - A doctor with advance training in the care of sick newborns.
  • NNP Neonatal Nurse Practitioner:  A nurse who has advanced education and specialized training to work with premature and sick newborns. 
  • OT – Occupational Therapist:  People who are trained to provide therapy that focuses on the baby’s ability to handle the sensory input and stress of daily activities such as care giving and bathing.
  • PCA – Patient Care Assistant:  Someone who is trained to assist the RN in providing care for babies in the NICU.
  • Pharmacist - Professional pharmacists who have been specially trained in needs of our tiny NICU patients. 
  • PT –Physical Therapist: People who are trained to evaluate how a baby moves, addressing issues that may affect milestones like sitting, rolling over or walking. 
  • RD – Registered Dietitian:  An expert in nutrition who helps to make sure your baby is getting all the nourishment he needs to grow.
  • RN Registered Nurse:  A nurse with specialized training in caring for premature and sick newborns.
  • RT Respiratory Therapist:  A health professional trained to provide breathing support for premature and sick newborns.
  • SLP – Speech Language Pathologist:  A person who is trained to evaluate possible feeding difficulties and support the progress of feeding.
  • Social Worker - A professional who is trained to help you cope with emotional aspects of having a premature or sick newborn.
  • TL- Team Leader: Designated nurse (RN) who is in charge of coordinating nursing and patient care for the unit during each shift.

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