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Your Baby's Cues

Your NICU Baby  

Although they can't tell you what they want, babies do have ways of communicating.

Signs your baby is ready to interact with you:

  • Easy breathing                   
  • Relaxed hands                                        
  • Relaxed face  
  • Pink color                            
  • Tucked arms/legs                              
  • Grasps
  • Stable oxygen numbers         
  • Closed mouth                           
  • Sucks

The following cues and signs can tell you when your baby may be saying, "I need a break": 

  • Breathing hard or shallow periodic breathing                                
  • Looks worried or grimaces
  • Breathing fast, irregularly                                               
  • Fingers fan/ “STOP” sign
  • Color pales or darkens                                                    
  • Mouth stays open
  • Alarms ring                                                                        
  • Arms/legs wave   
  • Hiccups
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