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Diagnosing Voice Conditions

Voice Diagnosis Services  

At Cardon Children’s Medical Center we offer laryngeal videoendoscopic stroboscopy, the gold-standard method of seeing  vocal folds and upper airway.

This painless, minimally invasive procedure:

  • Provides approximately 65 percent greater magnification than a flexible nasendoscope with halogen light source.
  • Provides a simulated slow-motion view of the truevocal folds as they vibrate.
  • Makes it easier to detect potentially malignant lesions that could be missed using laryngeal mirror or nasoendoscopy and halogen light.
  • Allows for improved identification and differential diagnosis of lesions.
  • Our exams are painless, require no anesthesia and
    are reviewed with the patient and family members.

Patients are invited to bring a DVD and our pathologists can make a copy of the exam for you during your appointment.

Laryngeal Videostroboscopy and Voice Therapy Services
How do you schedule a stroboscopy?

  • Your physician must submit a written prescription documenting the procedure (LVES-CPT-31579) and the diagnosis.
  • The physician’s office may also need to obtain insurance authorization for patients.
  • The prescription can be faxed to (480) 412-8264 to schedule the procedure.
  • Our Cardon Children’s outpatient schedulers will
    contact the patient to schedule an appointment
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