Services at Cardon Children's Medical Center  

Minimally Invasive Procedures


General Surgery Procedures

Diagnostic laparoscopy
Diagnostic thoracoscopy
Drain empyema
Liver and abdominal tumor biopsy
Lung biopsy and resection
Meckel's diverticulectomy
Ovarian cystectomy
Ovarian dermoid-teratoma resection
Pectus excavatum - Nuss Procedure
Repair diaphragmatic eventration and hernia
Resect pulmonary blebs
Resect thoracic cysts and tumors

Orthopedic Procedures

ACL reconstruction
Ankle arthroscopy
Elbow arthroscopy
Hip arthroscopy
Knee arthroscopy
Percutaneous Achilles tenotomy
Percutaneous Distal Femoral/Proximal Tibial epiphyseodesis
Percutaneous Flexible titanium/stainless steel IM rodding
Percutaneous Hamstring tenotomy
Percutaneous Hip Adductor tenotomy
Percutaneous Submuscular plating
Shoulder arthroscopy
Thoracoscopic anterior spine surgery
Wrist arthroscopy

Neurosurgery Procedures

Endoscopic assisted brain tumor surgery
Endoscopic assisted craniofacial surgery
Endoscopic brain shunt placement/shunt revision
Endoscopic cyst fenestration
Endoscopic third ventriculostomy
Endoscopic tumor biopsy/resection
Image-guided brain biopsy

Urologic Procedures

Bladder diverticulectomy
Dismembered pyeloplasty
Intra-abdominal orchiopexy/orchiectomy
Nephrectomy/partial nephrectomy
Renal tumor/cyst
Stone diseases

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