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About Page Hospital


Learn more about Page Hospital and how we serve our community.

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Full Transcript – Page Hospital Video

Image: Red sandstone cliffs and lake

Audio:  Background music continues throughout narration.

Image:  Canyons

Audio - Narrator:  “Amidst the magnificent contrast of red sandstone, cliffs and deep blue water, in a region known for its great national parks…”

Image:  Glen Canyon Dam

Audio - Narrator:  “…and adjacent to Glen Canyon Dam and…”

Image:  Lake Powell

Audio - Narrator: ”…scenic Lake Powell…”

Image:  City of Page, Arizona

Audio - Narrator:  “…lies the small city of Page, Arizona.”

Image:  Front view of Page Hospital

Audio - Narrator: “Serving the health care needs of this rural desert community is Page Hospital, a model health care facility celebrating its 50th year.”

Image:  Sundown in Page, Arizona; picturesque view of horizon
PAGE HOSPITAL Legacy of Healing 1958-2008 - logo
Banner Health © Page Hospital        

Images: Sepia photos: Old Page Hospital –ground and aerial views; construction of Glen Canyon Dam; and skeletal framework of Glen Canyon Dam

Audio - Narrator:  “Page Hospital was built in 1958 and grew up alongside the town, which was founded as a camp for construction workers who were building Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River.”

Images:  Contemporary Page community; exterior and interior views of Carl Hayden Visitor Center; Glen Canyon’s lake, dam and mesas; exterior Antelope Canyon Tours building

Audio - Narrator:  “Page has since grown to a population of 8,000 and with tourism as the driving economic force hosts four million visitors annually.”

Images:  Full shot of Page Hospital main entrance and various exterior views of building and adjacent desert area.

Audio - Narrator:  “The 25-bed Page Hospital is managed by Banner Health -- one of the largest non-profit health care systems in the west. The hospital serves the community of Page as well as the nearby Navajo Indian reservation.”

Images:  Long shot of Navajo Indian Reservation; Page Hospital’s botanical garden, fountain and landscaped grounds. 

Audio - Narrator:  “Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Page Hospital is its affiliation with the Planetree Alliance -- the first within the Banner Health system to do so.”

Image:  Sandy Haryasz speaks on-camera.

Text: Sandy Haryasz - CEO, Page Hospital

Audio:  “We became a Planetree facility in the mid 1990s. Planetree is a national organization…”

Image: A nurse uses advanced technology to monitor a mature female patient’s vitals, her temperature and pulse.

Audio:  “…that really supports a holistic approach to how you care for patients. Part of Planetree is treating patients with respect and dignity, and really not giving lip service to that. It’s easy to say I’m respectful of patients, but we really truly believe that here.”

Images: Senior female patient works out on cardio step machine assisted by male physical therapist; Senior female patient uses leg press machine assisted by male physical therapist; Female therapist accompanies senior patient to healing ritual.

Audio:  “The holistic approach to patient care extends beyond the physical and medical to the patients’ spiritual and emotional well-being in order to promote healing.”

Image: An elder Navajo Indian performs healing ritual on senior female patient.

Audio:  “This compassion and sensitivity extends to every patient and aids in the recovery process.”

Text: Elizabeth Faulk, MD
Medical Director, Page Hospital

Image: Elizabeth Faulk speaks

Audio:  “The concept of Planetree really attracted me because it is a patient-centered care. It cares about the patient’s experience, the staff’s experience. Are we addressing their spiritual needs, their personal needs, their family’s needs? And that was very attractive because coming from Boston and Chicago, where we take care of thousands upon thousands of patients in a very impersonal sometimes way, to have the personal connection with the patient was very appealing; and the fact that this hospital champions that was very attractive.”

Images:   Two female sitting across each other, conversing. Shots of Page Hospital’s interior design [natural stone accents] -- skylights, patient reception area, curved corridors, artwork; exterior shots of simulated water fall and botanical garden.

Audio: “The Planetree model also extends into the design elements of the hospital, including the use of natural stone, softer colors, artwork that is reflective of the surrounding landscape and the blending of the interior with the natural outdoor environment.”

Text: Sandy Haryasz
CEO, Page Hospital 

Image: Sandy Haryasz speaks on-camera.

Audio: “We go to great lengths in architectural design to make sure that we really look at everything that the patient would be seeing or hearing or feeling…” 

Images: Views of Page Hospital’s outdoor and indoor facilities – backyard gardens, a patient’s room, diagnostic room with scenic view.

Audio:  “We look at the environment, bringing the outside in. A huge portion of the patients’ healing is being able to see light. There’s actually some statistical data that says, if a patient can see green, that they will heal faster.”

Text: Rolli Truman
Admin. Svc. Mgr., Page Hospital – Banner Health ©

Image: Rolli Truman speaks.

Audio:  “So much of our structure in our healing environment is from the remodeling that we’ve been able to do…”

Image: A view of Page Hospital gardens from the sunroom.

Audio: “…and we’ve always kept our patients and our employees in mind, and we’ve designed with healing as our ultimate goal -- healing by design. We’ve brought our gardens in. We’ve made the environment a comfortable and inviting place to be versus a sterile and cold place.”

Images: Various interior shots of Page Hospital: circular nurses station, two staff members talk, the fully equipped emergency room.

Audio - Narrator: “The hospital’s governing district board provides capital to modernize, expand and purchase new equipment and which allowed construction of a new 10,000-square foot emergency department that was built using Planetree design elements.”

Text: Elizabeth Faulk, MD
Medical Director, Page Hospital

Image: Dr. Elizabeth Faulk, speaking.

Audio: “We get all sorts of cases here. It’s not limited. Remember, folks just get just as sick here as they would any place else. We have everything from penetrating trauma, stab wounds, gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen.”

Image: Two Page Hospital staff roll medical equipment along the corridor; hospital’s helicopter lands on the helipad.

Audio: “We have geriatrics, older folks that need help, pediatrics, children, sometimes very ill babies, intensive care unit-bound patients, and we’re lucky enough to have a helicopter service and pre-hospital personnel here in Page Fire that are excellent.”

Image:  Patient undergoing CT scan, male technician looking on; lab tech operates ultrasound device

Audio - Narrator: “The latest onsite medical equipment includes a CT scanner, an MRI, state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging devices and the use of teleradiography that provides fast communication with specialists in other facilities.”

Images: Lab techs using contemporary medical equipment.

Audio - Narrator: “The staff and employees are integral to the success of Page Hospital. The smaller  hospital environment requires them to work more independently and perform a wider range of duties than in other larger hospitals. Most importantly, they must have compassion and a strong commitment to patient-centered care.”

Text: Rolli Truman
Admin. Svc. Mgr., Page Hospital

Image: Rolli Truman speaks.

Audio: “It’s very important to us at Page Hospital that we hire people that have the right attitudes and exhibit the right behaviors. It’s more important that they know customer service and have a good attitude than it is to necessarily have the skill sets. Those can be trained. We’d prefer to have the appropriate behaviors and then train for the technical aspects.”

Text: Adam Boone, RN
Registered Nurse, Page Hospital

Image: Adam Boone speaks.

Audio: “The staff and the education I’ve got, in my orientation as a new hire here, has been as good as any education I’ve got including nursing school.”

Text: Dana S. Levy, RN, BSN
Chief Nursing Officer, Page Hospital

Image: Dana S. Levy speaks.

Audio:  “The nursing staff at Page Hospital is a very integrated staff…”

Images:  Nursing staff involved in various duties at busy nurses’ station.

Audio:  “We have one primary inpatient department, the emergency department and also the OR. However, many nurses are cross-trained in the many different areas and can facilitate patient care in many of these care settings. We care for the entire patients. So, the same nurse that sees you in the emergency department today may be caring for you on the floor tomorrow, or maybe helping deliver your baby…”

Image: Dana S. Levy, on-camera, continues.

Audio:  “That’s something that is a commitment that we have to our patients who are ommunity here in Page that when you come to our facility, we’re going to care for you, we’re going to do everything that you need and we’re going to do it well.”

Text: Doyle Cantrell, RDMS, RVT, RDCS
Sonographer, Page Hospital

Image: Doyle Cantrell speaks.

Audio:  “The staff at Page Hospital is a small staff, and it’s a family atmosphere in which we all work together and get to know one another. And so you’re working pretty much with not only your co-workers but your friends.” 

Text: Lisa Johnican, CRT
Respiratory Therapist, Page Hospital

Image:  Lisa Johnican speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “When I was here over the holidays without my family, I think three people invited me over their house even though I had to work. And two people brought me food. So it’s just really like a big family. Everybody wants to take care of each other. So it’s really nice.”

Images:  Picturesque views of Page City and amenities: the wide scope of recreational activities, community environment, educational and shopping opportunities.

Audio - Narrator:  “For the hospital employees living in Page, the area offers much in natural beauty and recreation. Although the city itself is small, it provides fine schools, places of worship and an array of shopping and restaurants.”    

Image: Doyle Cantrell speaks.

Audio:  “Well if you like outdoor activities, then Page is the place for you because you have a lake…”

Image: Boating on river; aerial view of Colorado River surrounding a mesa; hikers ascending mesa.

Audio:  “…you have the Colorado River. You have tons of mesas – so hiking, quadding – this is the outdoor mecca for any of those types of things.”

Text: Christa Reiter, RN
Registered Nurse, Page Hospital

Image: Christa Reiter speaks.

Audio:  “Canyoneering, boating, backpacking…”

Image: Aerial view of River at base of mesa; hikers reach summit and taking pictures from atop the mesa.

Audio:  “…makes me feel alive. I think I can bring that to work and share that with everyone I work with and my patients. I think it kind of overflows into my work.”

Images: Banner Health Page Hospital name – embossed in stone – marks the main entrance to the hospital ground.

Audio - Narrator:  “For the past 50 years, Page Hospital has responded to the local community’s medical needs by adding more services and improving the quality of care.”

Images:  Page, Arizona with downtown reflecting typical southwest architecture and developing suburbia. Closing panoramic view of Page’s unspoiled beauty surrounded by the Colorado River, canyon vistas, sandstone cliffs and mountain range. 

Audio - Narrator:  “As the community continues to grow, the outlook for Page Hospital remains bright   with the future as wide-open as the surrounding desert landscape.”   

Text: Produced by: Echo Productions, L.L.C.
Written and Edited by: Brian Cass
Camera: Brian Cass
Assistant Camera: Matt Nelson
Narrated by: Mary Denmead
Special thanks to: Page Hospital Staff and Employees, Daisy and George Martin, Bo Thomas – City of Page, Powell Museum, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Copyright 2008

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