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Patient-Centered Care

At Page Hospital, gone are the days of bare walls, fluorescent lights and obtrusive barriers separating patients and staff. Rather, that archaic hospital philosophy and design has given way to a new school of thought centered around the belief that the environment in which one receives care has as much bearing on the outcome as the treatments prescribed.

As part of the Plantree Association, a non-profit organization working to transform hospitals and healthcare organizations into true healing environments, Page Hospital has become more than just another hospital…it has become a place of physical, mental and spiritual healing. 

  • Medical equipment is kept out of patient view and overhead paging and staff announcements have been replaced with the soothing sounds of soft music.
  • Hospital rooms have couches, refrigerators, access to outdoor patios and gardens, and full-size beds draped in home-like linens. 
  • Artwork and décor is inspired by the area’s large Native American population and the surrounding beauty of the canyons and Lake Powell.
  • Other Native American elements include a weaving loom and a traditional healing Hogan.
  • The Culinary department is available to meet with patients to assist with meal selections so that nourishment meets religious, cultural or special dietary considerations.
Page Hospital
501 N. Navajo
P.O. Box 1447
Page, AZ 86040
(928) 645-2424
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