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50th Anniversary Celebration a Success

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PAGE, Ariz. (Sept. 27, 2008) -- Page Hospital today celebrated its 50th year as the City of Page's community hospital. More than 400 people attended the community health fair and received a multitude of free health information and health screenings. Attendees were also able to visit with a handful of special guests who had a part in creating the legacy of Page Hospital.

Hospital chief executive officer Sandy Haryasz kicked off the event with a speech describing the hospital in its early days:

"In 1958, if you were to come into our hospital at two o'clock in the morning, there would be one, maybe two nurses on duty, in the whole hospital. That total of one or maybe two nurses were the only game in town for health care if a trauma arrived in a one emergency room department. There was no ambulance service in those days so patients who needed to be taken to a trauma center were loaded into the back of Dr. Kazan's station wagon and driven there."

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