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Banner Lassen Medical Center, Susanville, California - Full Video/Audio Transcript

Audio: Upbeat contemporary music plays throughout video.

Image: G& B logo, turns counter-clockwise.

Text: G& B Video Production Studio.

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Audio:  “Welcome to Susanville, Lassen County seat, situated in beautiful Northern California.”

Images: Multiple shots of Susanville, California uniformly fills frame.

Text: Susanville, Lassen County

Audio:   “In close proximity to Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe… “

Image: Split screen – Left: a Reno Nevada sign touts, ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’. Right: a picturesque shot of the river flanked by lush verdure and the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Audio:  “…Susanville and Lassen County are an outdoor person's paradise.”

Image: Two golfers; pictures the mountain range and desert overlay a moving shot of Nevada greenery in the background.

Audio:  “A place where the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains meet the Great Nevada Basin Desert.”

Image: Horizon shot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range; the Great Nevada Basin Desert.

Audio:  “Susanville's population is less than 20,000 and Lassen County, in its entirety, only boasts approximately 40,000 residents.”

Images: Traffic on a busy Susanville highway.

Audio:  “Susanville, a former logging and mining town, is home to Herlong Federal Prison as well as two state prisons:…”

Image: Town of Susanville stone marquee accented by flowers and hedge work.

Audio:  “…High Desert State Prison and the California Correctional Center.”

Image: Aerial shots of the federal and state prisons.

Audio:  “In Susanville, the air is clean. The water is pure. The people are friendly, and the cost of living is reasonable.” 

Images: Shots of town activity: bicyclists, the lake, residents going about their day, residential home sites.

Audio:  “Communities in Lassen County include Bieber, Doyle, Herlong, Litchfield, Madeline, Standish, Susanville, Janesville and Westwood.”

Image: Susanville and environs reflected in scrolling pictures of residents engaged in various outdoor activities, i.e. cycling, skating, boating, horseback riding and hot air ballooning.

Audio:  “Lassen County's climate very favorable…”

Image: Government office building facade.
Text: Climate

Audio:  “...with mild winters and comfortable summers….”

Image: Residents about town, walking, cycling.

Audio:   “...made pleasant by cool evenings and… “

Image: Sunset in Susanville, California.

Audio:   “…low summertime humidity.”

Image: Private fenced property with horses in the background.

Audio:   “The area's terrain allows something for everyone in Lassen County.” 

Images: Shots of differing terrain including desert and lake views.

Audio:  “You can water ski or fish the world renowned Eagle Lake…”

Image: Fishermen and Eagle Lake.

Audio:  “...or ride horses over the many beautiful and available wide open spaces. If hiking is your hobby, then take advantage of the Lassen National Forest which is the center of one of California’s most fascinating and diverse areas.”

Images: Herd of horses in the Nevada desert; a long shot of the desert; a hiker makes his way up a mountain; a cycler rides through Lassen National Forest; others make the trek on foot.

Audio:  “Here the granite rock of the Sierra Nevadas, the red lava of the Cascades and Modoc Plateau and the sage brush of the great basin come together.”

Images: Shots of granite boulders and rocks on a mountainside; the Cascades, Modoc Plateau and sagebrush at sunset.

Audio:  “After a day of exploring come back into town and stop by the local casino to enjoy a little Las Vegas style action along with some fine dining.”

Images: Exterior of a popular restaurant; an overhead view of a Diamond Mountain Casino’s blackjack table in action; a delectable looking meal fills the frame, and an overhead shot of a Diamond Mountain Casino table catches a patron scooping up their big win in chips.

Audio:  “Diamond Mountain Casino is a 6,000 square foot casino featuring 150 slots and two table games.”

Images: A bank of slot machines line a wall at Diamond Mountain Casino. Close-up view of a roulette table changes and shows chips accumulating in multiple stacks as if placed by invisible hands.

Audio:  “National wildlife reserves and national forest lands, the area lakes and reservoirs make Lassen County an ideal paradise for fishing, boating, sailing and waterskiing.” 

Images: Various pictures within the wildlife reserve and national forest: a family of deer, the forest and lake. An overlay of pictures of residents and tourists engaged in water sports, including speed boating, fishing, canoeing and sail boating,

Audio:  “The nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains provide excellent summer hiking and camping and great snow skiing in the winter months. Lassen County offers an abundance of wonderful municipal and community parks for enjoying nature, family outings and picnics.”

Images: Horizon long shot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range with Susanville in the foreground; a campsite, a snow skier blasts down a mountain slope; County of Lassen Susanville Ranch Park stone marquee; stone marquee of Skyline Park; a young girl playfully nods in appreciation of Nevada ‘s flora and fauna.

Audio:   “A rare site for visitors, but not residents, are the wild horse herds running free in Lassen County.”

Images: Pictures of Nevada’s wild horses, i.e. a small family of wild horses, a herd gallops across the desert in tandem.

Audio:  “From the Memorial Day weekend opener until the season closes at year's end, angler's from all over can discover exceptional opportunities to catch the rare species of rainbow trout that inhabits Eagle Lake, also known as 'the lake that time forgot'.”

Images: Footage of fishermen in their boats on the lake; pictures of two fishermen each displaying their huge catch, the elusive rainbow trout; a fisherman fishes from the bank at Eagle Lake.

Audio:  “For winter activities, visit Coppervale's Ski Hill located just 14 miles west of Susanville on Highway 36. Coppervale is an exciting winter playground for all ages. It offers lots of room for skiing, tubing and snowshoeing.” 

Images: Footage of downhill skiers in action: one speeds down a slope; several others race down the mountainside together; another executes an impressive freestyle aerial twisting jump then resumes his descent.

Audio:  “Local shopping is enjoyed at a variety of retail businesses throughout the uptown and downtown area, specialty shops and boutiques.” 

Images: Interior of a local store; exterior of a retail business; interior of a specialty shop’s housewares section; a couple browses in one of the local stores.

Audio:  “Dining out is also a pleasurable experience...”

Images: Various restaurant outdoor signs represent different cultures and cuisine, including Mexican, Chinese, Italian and American.

Audio:   “...with several excellent restaurants to choose from, capturing everything from the most casual atmosphere to semi-formal candlelight dining and most of your favorite cuisine.”

Images: Shots show elaborate meals presented by server to diner; in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant, the chef places his creation for pick-up by the server.

Audio:  “Lassen County schools offer superb teacher-to-student ratio with special programs for the gifted, the challenged and for adults desiring to further their education.”

Images: Exterior shots of Susanville fundamental and high schools; pictures of students at study.

Audio:   “There are also several private schools offering an alternative education.” 

Image: An exterior sign reflects the name, McKinley School, a private school in Susanville.

Audio:  “Higher education opportunities are not only affordable but available locally at Lassen Community College.” 

Image: Shot of the exterior Susanville’s higher education institution, Lassen Community College.

Audio:  “The University of Nevada-Reno, and California State University-Chico, are well within driving distances offering training for our future generation of professionals.”

Images: Exterior shots of nearby University of Nevada in Reno and California State University in Chico; interior shot of a classroom.

Audio:  “For your spiritual health, there are churches for a variety of denominations all eager to welcome newcomers.”

Images: Exteriors of various religious edifices representing different denominations.

Audio:  “For residents of northeastern California, Banner Lassen Medical Center offers comprehensive care and a state-of-the-art facility.” 

Image: Banner Lassen Medical Center stone marquee.

Audio:  “With 25 private beds and over 200 employees, we provide our community with a safe, efficient and caring hospital environment. A wide range of programs and services are offered to aid in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.” 

Images: Multiple interior shots of hospital areas, equipment, physicians, nurses and technicians in action and patients they are attending.

Audio:  “Our comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging Center offers state-of-the-art medical imaging technologies and expertly trained imaging professionals.” 

Image: Medical imaging technology at work.

Audio:  “The Infusion and Oncology Center at Banner Lassen provides the community with an array of outpatient services conveniently located close to home.” 

Image: Staff member at work in the Infusion and Oncology Center.

Audio:  “Banner Lassen's Women's Services Department offers an array of services to meet the health care needs of women.”

Images: Group shot of Banner Lassen’s Women’s Services staff. Shot of staff at work with maternity patients, one-on-one.

Audio:  “For our expecting mothers, we provide private, comfortable home-like birthing suites with pain management options available.”

Image: Interior of a Banner Lassen birthing suite.

Audio:  “Our inpatient and outpatient Surgical Services Department treats all patients with the highest standards of care. Whether the surgery is to repair a hernia, replace a knee or hip or fix a broken bone, patients can be assured that our medical professionals have the experience, skill and technology to achieve the best possible outcome.”

Images: Footage of interior of an operating room with an operation in progress; additional footage of other operations in progress.

Audio:   “Banner Lassen also offers sleep studies and two state-of-the-art home-like sleep rooms.”

Image: Footage of an occupied sleep room in which a staff member monitors a sleep study patient.

Audio:   “Our emergency department is here to help you handle life's unforeseen events.” 

Image: Footage of the entrance to the emergency room where two staff members dash through sliding doors to handle an emergency.

Audio:   “From playground injuries to automobile accidents, the qualified and dedicated medical professionals are here to help you 24 hours a day.”

Images: Footage of various staff on duty: a physician reviews X-ray photos; administrative and technical staff work in their respective environments.

Audio:  “Part of Banner Health, Banner Lassen Medical Center proudly supports our mission to make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care.”

Images: A visitor/patient speaks with staff at the admissions desk. Multiple interior photos of Banner Lassen Medical Center.

Audio:  “Our active Chamber of Commerce works hard to attract new businesses and tourists to the area each year.” 

Image: Lassen County Chamber of Commerce exterior sign.

Audio:  “Whether you travel for business or pleasure you'll appreciate the close proximity of the interstate highways and state road, making all the good things around Lassen easily accessible. Major highways include U.S. 395, State Road 36, 44, 139 and 299.”

Images: Varied outdoor shots of Susanville, including busy interstate highways and state roads.

Audio:  “For longer journeys, Susanville Municipal Airport, Herlong Airport and Westwood Airport, are all general aviation airports in the county.” 

Images: A small single-engine plane in flight; on the ground, two passengers board a small plane; a plane comes in for a landing.

Audio:   “For international flights, you're about an hour from the Reno International Airport.” 

Image: A large plane takes flight.

Audio:   “There are homes in lovely rural areas where you can be close to nature, homes in neighborhoods with special amenities. There are homes in every imaginable style and price range, homes close to schools and shopping, medical facilities, homes ideal for retirement, raising a family, as well as second or vacation homes.” 

Images: Shots of Susanville residential real estate depict broad variation in architecture, size and location; frame fills with scrolling shots of Susanville real estate, including businesses and churches.

Audio:  “The County is a great place for raising a family and a great place to live. Won't you come join us?” 

Image: Footage of busy street in downtown Susanville.

Audio:   “Now that you've seen a bit of Lassen County, come meet one of the area's top producing real estate teams...”

Image: Shots of a two Susanville houses.

Audio:  “...the professionals at ERA Joy Realty.”

Image: ERA logo

Text: Joy Realty

Audio:   “They have a long standing reputation of honesty and integrity and are experienced professionals with years and proven results and hundreds of satisfied clients.”

Image: Picture of a stately Susanville residence; office footage of ERA Realty representatives going about their work, i.e. making telephone calls and reviewing available properties with a potential buyer.

Audio:   “They can assist you with any of your real estate needs...”

Image: ERA logo

Text: Joy Realty

Audio:   “...and strongly adhere to their motto of...”

Image: ERA Logo - ERA Joy Realty

Text: Always There for You

Audio:   “...'always there for you'. When relocating to a new area…”

Image:  Various shots of residential real estate properties.

Audio:   “…you're usually anxious to put down roots by moving into that new home as soon as possible, without a lot paperwork and stress. In the beautiful Susanville and Lassen County area, the professional that can help you do just that is found at Bank of American Mortgage.”

Image: Bank of America logo

Text: Mortgage

Audio:  “Call Jean Loosemore before you come looking for that new home. She can get you pre-qualified...”

Image: Jean Loosemore, behind her desk on the phone.

Text: Pre-qualified

Audio:   “ ...so you can enter into a real estate transaction with confidence making your moving experience go as smoothly and quickly as possible. She is a professional and will help you every step of the way.”

Image: Upscale residential real estate.

Audio:  “First, by helping you to decide which type of financing is best for your situation, then helping you find the best possible interest rate, she has only one thing in mind: finding the home loan program that is right for you. She offers a complete line of loan programs including first time homebuyer programs, zero down loan programs, FHA and VA government loans, construction loans and conventional loans. And her 29 years of banking experience will ensure that your mortgage and closing will go smoothly and quickly. Call Jean Loosemore at Bank of America Mortgage today.”

Images: Footage of Jean Loosemore in her office engaged in the various duties involved in her typical day, i.e. explaining the process one-on-one with the client, numbers crunching; cell phone calls, completion of requisite paperwork and execution by client.

Audio:  “Phone toll-free: 877-252-5126. Located at 1855 B Main Street, Susanville, California. Making dreams of home ownership a reality. Bank of America is a member of FDIC and an equal housing lender.” 

Image: Bank of America logo – Bank of America

Text: Mortgage
 1855 B Main Street
 Susanville, CA

Audio:   “When you're moving to a new area, one of the first things you should consider is your insurance coverage. You need protection against any future problems that may come your way. You need coverage that fits the local area's laws, restrictions and environment.” 

Image: Various shots of residential real estate

Audio:   “In the Susanville area, the best person to see for your all your insurance needs is Michelle Hunter at Farmers Insurance.”

Image: Farmers Insurance Group logo - Farmers

Text: Michelle Hunter

Audio:   “Michelle is proud of her reputation for quality service, prompt claim settlement and attention to important details. She can help you find just the right amount of coverage at just the right rate.” 

Images: Michelle Hunter, behind her desk on a call, taking notes; Michelle joined by a potential client, greeting each other with a handshake and a smile.

Audio:   “Michelle has over six years experience with auto, home, life and health insurance. She believes in giving personal and professional attention to each of her policyholders. And she's backed by an excellent staff and the full resources of Farmers Insurance, one of the largest homeowner’s insurance companies in the nation.” 

Images: Flash pictures depict the demographic for auto, home, life and health insurance (i.e. a young woman, a sports car, a home, and a patient in a wheelchair). At her desk, Michelle begins to discuss paperwork with the new client; pictures of exteriors of residential properties.

Audio:  “As well, you can count on their award-recognized Farmers HelpPoint Claim Service. When an unfortunate event occurs, Farmers HelpPoint gets you back to where you belong.” 

Image: Michelle and her client wrap up their session and conclude with a handshake.

Audio:   “Call Michelle Hunter at Farmers Insurance Company today. Phone 530-257-4900.”

Image: Farmers Insurance Group logo

Text: Farmers
Michelle Hunter

Audio:  “The professionals at ERA Joy Realty are ready to help you find the home of your dreams...”

Images: ERA Realty logo - Joy Realty; in the ERA offices, representatives are hard at work pouring over papers and making phone calls.

Audio:  “ ...then guide you through every step of the way...”

Image: ERA Realty logo

Text: Joy Realty

Audio:   “...by negotiating, assisting with financing, answering all your questions through a successful closing. Susanville Property Management, with ERA Joy Realty, is committed to providing you with professional and dependable service. They maximize the value of your investment while minimizing the headaches and risks associated with income property. Their property managers are highly trained and dedicated professionals.”

Images: Several ERA representatives at work occupied with their various tasks, i.e. phone calls, reviews and paperwork, in-house discussion.

Audio:  “They manage over 200 properties around Susanville and Lassen County. From apartments to homes, to commercial spaces and buildings, they are sure they can find the right place for you.” 

Images: Pictures of properties throughout the Susanville area scroll horizontally; shots of ERA property managers in their offices and their element. 

Audio:  “The team at ERA Joy Realty can even help you settle into our new community by providing information regarding schools, shopping, recreation, services, government and even employment.” 

Images: ERA office and two representatives on the job; a property manager reviews schematics; shots of residential properties; An ERA representative converses with a client; another reviews paperwork.

Audio:  “One of the most important decisions in relocating to a new area is choosing the right homebuilder. You want professionals. You want state-certified construction experts that are familiar with every phase of new home construction. In the beautiful Lassen County area, those professionals can be found at Jim Willis Construction.

Images: Exterior and interior shots of a residential property; a Jim Willis representative parks and exits a Jim Willis Construction company truck, architectural plans in hand.

Audio:  “The building experts at Jim Willis Construction are dedicated and committed to making your homebuilding experience a pleasant and an exciting one. They've been doing so for over 35 years. They take pride in their attention to detail and the quality of their homes and in their construction methods.”

Images: Interior shot of two-story dining area in a home; 360 degree rolling view of other custom designed areas of home.

Audio:  “They're always available to the customers and all construction sites are visited daily.” 

Image: Outside, the Jim Willis Construction representative makes a cell phone call.

Audio:  “Each customer is encouraged and welcome to walk through the job site during each phase of the building process, which enhances communication between the builders and the homeowner. Jim Willis Construction uses nothing but the finest materials and craftsmen to get the job done right.”

Images: Interior views of the custom designed bedroom, loft, study and bathroom areas of the home.

Audio:  “They'll build from their wide selection of floor plans or they can custom build from your plans.”

Image: Outside, the Jim Willis Construction representative surveys the floor plans.
Audio:  “Each home is a masterpiece of construction and nobody knows the styles, methods and construction codes of the area better than the state-certified professionals at Jim Willis Construction. Let them show you how easy it is to turn your ideas and dreams into reality. When you see a Jim Willis construction home, you see a structure of pride.” 

Images: Interior views of the designer kitchen with stone accents; another view of the two-story family room; the indoor Jacuzzi; the entrance foyer.

Audio:  “Call them today at 530-257-5141.”

Text: Jim Willis
(530) 257-5141

Audio:  “The friendly folks at ERA Joy Realty are here to help you. They strive to give you the service you need whether you're buying, selling or investing in real estate. Their mission is to do such a great job for you that you will go tell someone else how great it was to work with the professionals at ERA Joy Realty.”

Images: In their offices, ERA Joy Realty representatives address various tasks of the day; one uses the computer; another engaged in a telephone conversation; another takes notes while on a phone call; one reviews properties with a client face-to-face, and another does computations on a calculator.

Audio:  “When purchasing real estate, it's a good idea to have an owner's title insurance policy to protect your investment. It's also a good idea to have experienced professionals handle the escrow service and real estate closing.”

Images: Interior shots of a large granite-accented kitchen; a sunroom; a cathedral ceiling bedroom with loft area; exterior shots of various residential properties.

Audio:  “In the Lassen County area, those professionals can be found at Chicago Title Company.”

Image: Chicago Title logo

Text: Chicago Title

Audio:  “Title Insurance protects you from loss resulting from defects of title. Chicago Title Company can reference chain of title to protect both you and your investment from problems now and in the future.”

Images: A Chicago Title Company representative reviews paperwork with a client; another does title research on microfiche, while others review bound plat history.

Audio:  “Chicago Title Company is a full service title company providing the very best in title insurance, tax-deferred exchanges, real estate closings and title searches. A title search can help protect you from unexpected claims against the property and title insurance completes that protection. For the finest in the service, escrow service, abstract work and real estate closing service in the Lassen County area…”

Images: Chicago Title Company representatives go about the business of their jobs; one jots down notes while on the phone; two review plats another input data on the computer; another works with the client to execute documents, then they ‘seal the deal’ with a handshake.

Audio:  “…call Chicago Title Company today where quality and professionalism make the difference. Phone 530-257-4161.”

Image: Chicago Title logo

Text: Chicago Title

Audio:  “When it comes to something as important as buying a new home for you and your family…”

Image: At her desk, an ERA Joy Realty representative reviews paperwork.

Audio:  “… it pays to consult an expert.” 

Image: ERA Joy Realty outdoor sign

Audio:  “For the most efficient professional real estate service in the Lassen County area…”

Image: At her desk, an ERA Joy Realty talks with a client.

Audio:  “…call ERA Joy Realty at 530-257-7748 or toll-free at 877-583-2249.”

Image: ERA Joy Realty logo

Text: Joy Realty

Audio:   “Visit them on the web at www.erajoyrealty.com.”

Image: ERA Joy Realty logo

Text: Joy Realty

Audio:  Background music fades to conclusion.

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